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 I picked a scab for about 3-4 months. It finally went away, but it left a red mark. Will the red mark go away?
I picked this scab I had for probably 4 months or so. And the scab finally went away. But now there is a red mark where the scab used to be. Will that red mark go away and if so, how long will it ...

 Does anyone remember an old Mary Kay product that came in a jar and was orange and very thick and goopy?
I used to use this Mary Kay product on my acne. I would put a glob on a problem area and the next morning it was gone. It was orange and real thick. It was part of a skin care line. I really need ...

 What are some ways to cover up the cuts on my wrist?
I'm a girl. 13 years old.
I suffer from depression and I've cut myself. I don't want anybody to see. What are some ways to cover up the cuts on my wrist besides wearing long ...

 how to get rid of spots on my nose?
i seem to get big spots on my nose. i will get one it will hurt if i try pop it then about 3 days later it stops hearting and goes down but then i get another one some where else on my nose. how can ...

 What is this orange liquid/gel coming from my sore?
I recently was practicing basketball, when i fell. I had a few sores including one on my knee. Its been almost a week and it looks a lot better but orange liquid/gel looking stuff has been just ...

 Why do I have unclear skin when?
Why do I have unclear skin(blackheads) and zits(acne) ? I weigh 70kg and I'm 17(male). I used a program to calculate my ideal weight which is exactly 70kg. My BMI is 20. I eat healthy. I consume ...

 Would cutting out dairy from my diet help my scalp psoriasis?

 complete cure for cirrhosis?

 What is the best lotion to use for dry skin?

 I found spots of dried blood on my daughter's scalp. What could this be caused from?

 I have shingles? Its awefully painful. please answer ASAP! Doctor asked me how long i had the rashes?
, i accidentally said
3 days instead of 5. and he prescribed me with some medicines. i followed his instruction on the medicine intake, i also took 2 Tylenol as he instructed me to. at night ...

 Wart on eyelid plz answer??/?

I have a small very small wart like something on center of the left upper eyelid.

Bcoz of that presence , an extra forms on eyelid whick looks disimilar.

So help or advice ...

 Patch of raw skin won't heal?
Well so I popped a zit. (Yeah yeah I know. I never should have ok I usually don't.) Anyway, at first the area was completely raw so I couldn't use makeup on it. Then after a few days it got ...

 what causes cold lips?
what causes your lips to be cold when the rest of your body is ...

 Best body wash & lotion for Keratosis Pilaris?
My KP is really bad and getting worse... =(
Does anyone know a good body wash and lotion that work well to get rid of it?

 Is there a way to remove acne scars?
is there anything that can remove acne scars?i hate when it leaves brown spots behind.is there any type of creme that removes acne scars?...

 My sister has horrible acne?
my sister has been complaining about her acne on her face and body and I'm tired of hearing it do you know what will for sure work with no doubt?...

 how to get rid of a canker sore before it gets too big?
i know im about to get a canker sore cause i can feel it forming on my lip, and its in a bad spot, like right up in front. i get them alot and i deal with them but i dont want this one.
how can ...

 How to get rid of acne with home remedies?
Hi i'm 13 and i get A LOT of acne on my forehead :( its so gross, and i think it gets worse everyday :l Any home remedies that might work? c: Sometimes it hurts, not bad or anything, but it ...

 is noxema good for getting rid of acne?
my friend uses noxema and she has like fairly clear skin im 13 and have acne around my mouth especially on my chin but i wanted to get an opinion on noxema. i have oily skin. i use regular soap and a ...

Skin like leather and hard what can cause this?


molly murphy

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