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 doe anyone know if you can use zovirax cold sore cream when pregnant?

 stubborn dry skin patches on my cheeks that wont go away...?
ive always had bad acne and was on dianette up until recently...2 months ago i changed 2 yasmin and im thinking its yasmin thats drying out my skin. if i slather moisturiser on i get spots but the ...

 how can i get perfectly soft looking and feeling skin ?
i want my skin to look and feel really soft; HELP !...

 I have tiny white bumps under my left eye ?
For the past few weeks, I've had this white bump under my left eye. Yesterday, I had realised that it has multiplied. But the new spots are smaller than the first one ! So, what is it? P.s. ...

 How to get rid of my verrucas and wart?
I have two verrucas on my foot (one on the toe and one on the sole) and a wart on my index finger. I have tryed loads of suggestions including freezing it, the medicated plasters, cream and duct tape....

 What is wrong with my lip?
For the past week a little patch of really dry skin about 1cm big has been forming on my top lip, it really stings because the skin is flaking away. I have not done anything to cause this to happen ...

 Why is the skin underneath my right eye itchy?
I have no allergies, and it's only under my right eye....

 How can cod liver oil captules cause these bad spots?
I need any advice and help anyone out there can give me. Im vegatarian and as a result i started taking pure cod liver oil captules about 10 days ago, so im getting my vitamins daily. I take 1 ...

 what are these scabs that are always above beneath my nose and on my chin?
they dont go away and when i pick them they always weep and it smells funny?...

 Dry scalp shampoo, help please!?
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had used any of these shampoos and which would they recommend? I have a dry, itchy scalp with lots of dandruff (and I also get a lot of spots on my head too) and I ...

 why is the inside of my lip red?
the inside of my lip is red; its feeling sore iswelling on the top and bottom of my lips i dunno what it is i dunno if its my braces or what i heard that people get this from their braces but ...

 How can you get rid of your zits in a month?
im supposed to be starting high school soon and my face only has little bit of acne but i want it to be clear for high school.... anyone have any advice?...

 does anyone have any home remidies for lots of spots?
i have loads of spots and i have this special soap to stop them coming as much, but im all like blotchy. do you know any ways to get rid of them? and cost not that high, im a bit skint. please i ...

 Got prescription of Tetracycline from doctor for my acne but i can't swallow the tablets?
Got prescription of Tetracycline from doctor for my acne but i can't swallow the tablets. If i go go back to my doctor will there be something else should can offer me to treat acne on my back ...

 How do you clear acne ?
I am 42 and have suffered persistently with acne since my teens.I have a healthy diet and i am very active spending much time outside. I have been on various contraceptive pills to try and help,also ...

 why do i wake up with reoccurring itchy bumps?
and also my mother said she had this happen to her before but when she gave birth to me... she stopped having them >_> they are like mosquito bites, itchy, and come out on this SAME spot on my ...

 cannabis cures spots?
well basically i had a load of spots over the week from exams, so i go out at the weekend with my mates, had a total of around 20 spliffs? i was so relaxed, the next day i had no spots.! the same ...

 Itchy Face... any help?
over the last few months I have developed an itchy, tight, sore face, mainly the cheeks. There is also a kind of rash on my cheek bone area, they are look like spots when they have gone but left ...

 any known cure for piles?
during my pregnancy i developed piles but cannot get rid of them, any ...

 Dry skin after using Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Daily Treatment Wash?
Ok, so I'm a 16 year old male with extremely dry skin on face after using "Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Daily Treatment Wash". I used this as I have some acne, hoping ...

Red spots around my eyes after crying?
Last night I was crying really hard, and afterwards, I noticed that I have teeny little red dots around my eyes. I'm slightly concerned about this. Are they from the crying? Or should I be seeking medical attention? They look somewhat like freckles. They aren't bumps, and they don't hurt at all. Is there any way I can get rid of them, or at least make them less visible?

Don't know what it is but you can pretty well cover them with a little tube (like lipstick) of a light coverup. Just pat it on under the eyes. Works good

Could be broken blood vessels.

You mean red blotches or red spots like pimples? I get red blotches after i've cried all the time, its just the blood vessels swelling as the eye area gets all warm. They should just fade away.

They are most likely teenie blood spots from your eyes straining from crying really hard. I wouldn't be too concerned about it as of now. However, if it does not go away, or starts hurting, I would suggest seeing your general physician.

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