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 Is red, hard and greenish colored skin on my heel an infection after having a cast removed?

 my hands and feet are yellow, blood tests normal, no beta carotene lare intake, help!?

 anyone have ehlers danlos?
been diagnosed with ehlers danlos. mostly affects my skin, ability to heal, bruising, etc. anyone have this and any suggestions on how to treat it?...

 small clear blister inside my mouth after hydro peroxide rinse?
i woke up with this small clear blister inside my mouth (below my lip) and was wondering what it could bei had to rinse with prescription hydrogen peroxide last night, and my mouth was really burning....

 Do you, or anyone you know, have Paget's Disease?
I'm typing out a paper about it, and I have the informational stuff down. I would like to get some personal insight about it, especially on a day-to-day basis. Thanks!...

 how to cure vitiligo?
skin ...

 what is pyo derma gangrenosum?
starts with a skin infeciton that is related to auto-immune deficiency....

 how come when u get a really bad sun burn u get sick?
my little brother came home and lade on the couch he said he was dizey , felt like he COULD get sick he had a really bad sunburn. A couple of hrs after I got home I was shivering but my sunburn ...

 Are Michael & LaToya the same person?

 Age spot turning into cancer?
Is it possible for an age spot to turn suddenly scabby, raised and red and not be cancer? I had a biopsy and it was negative, but this thing looks really bad....

 Whats the best way to get rid of Liver Spots?
I have them on my ...

 My lips are chapped in the summer. I rarely get chapped lips in the winter Why?
I am inside in an air conditioned space most of the time.I drink a gallon of water almost everyday so its not dehydration.I'm not in the sun or wind. I don't understand it....

 Does anyone suffer with????
I have had swelling in my lower legs, ankles, feet and toes along with my hands and fingers since March of this year. I have gone to my family doctor and he never really said what kind of edema I ...

 hidradenitis supurativa...skin boils....?
Does anyone here suffer from or know anyone who suffers from hidradenitis supurativa? I'm not looking for links to sites or descriptions. I've been to all the sites and I know everything ...

 Anyone know a good dermatologist in NYC?
I was on Accutane a few years ago, and it did the trick. I'm starting to break out again and I want to get back on it. However, my dermatologist isn't on my new insurance plan. Can anyone ...

 how do you diagnose herpetiformis dermititis?

 I have a a callous on my face between my eye and and top of nose,it is not a wart it was treated as a wart?
It has gone down but it becomes dead skin and looks larger. if I peel away dead skin it bleeds a little,how can this be treated.I tried exfoliation, moisturizing and freezing....

 Does anybody know a cure for psoriasis?
Psoriasis is a skin condition. Dry itchy red flaky patches....

 I've never sweat from my face before, no matter how hard I work out, or how hot it is. Is something wrong?

 Is it normal to develop a rash after completing a course of antibiotics?
I have a mild rash and the only thing I can attribute it to is the augmentin (amoxicillin/clavulanate) I recently finished taking. Just wondering if anyone has ever had a similar experience....

Recently, only 2 yrs ago (I'm 33), I began sweating excessively while performing little activity. Why??
It's become very embarrassing and increasingly difficult to conceal from friends and dates. (And I've already determined I don't have high blood pressure.)

This is a medical condition, you may want to consult with a doctor. A former friend of mine has this problem and he was too afraid to be around people because of it. It couldn't shake hands, he wouldn't hug people, it has caused him to become in introvert. He said it wasn't a cure for it...


It could just be a minor hormone imbalance which is causing the sweating. (even thuogh it is pre-menopausal). go to a doctor and see what they say, and make sure to get a second opinion if you think it is necessary.

If you have a problem in the armpit area try Secret Platnium, it is the best stuff to stop sweating! I have anxiety really bad and it's the only one that works for me.

Could just be hormonal changes - that can happen early for some women. If it really bothers you, a doctor can give you prescription antipersperant/deodorant.

SuNnY BlOnDe
high blood pressure doesn'y make you sweat, there is no signs of high blood pressure unless you get it checked..there are other things that could be going on with that..you should get it checked out just to be sure....

georgie g
i'm thinking menopause---yes! menopuase can start as early as age 30-----just the onset of it. i hear ya. go through the same thing and i was told it is menopause (the on-set)

Does it often happen after you've eaten or drank anything? Diabetics who experience a rapid increase in blood sugar levels often begin sweating profusely. This was how I found out I was diabetic.

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