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 If I am using an astringent, do I still need to use a "cleanser"?

 Is there a home remedy for removing skin tags on different parts of the body?
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 Have you heard of neurofibromatosis, I have it, my question is why are people so cruel and say mean things?

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The bruise is 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Where I hit the ladder my leg is still dented in on the side. I weigh 230 pounds.
Should I be getting to a doctor? It is sore and I am limping a ...

 Has anyone experienced skin cancer removal?
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 Does anybody else have this problem?
Ive found a huge lump in the middle of my face. Its just below my eyes but above my mouth and its got 2 gaping holes which ive found can fit my fingers in. This is very embarrasing so ive taken to ...

 Preventing cysts?
Anyone know how to prevent these? I've gotten 2 on my inner thigh in the last year (one surgically removed). Can't figure out why I am getting them. They are caused by blocked oil glands ...

 is psoriasis curable ?
can enbrel control psoriasis ?
what cost is enbrel a course in USA.
Is it available in I...

 What might cause the skin under my eyebrows to peel (it's not sunburn)?
I haven't been sunburned. My skin has been fairly oily due to hot and humid weather. Any dermatologists out there?...

 How do you catch a flesh-eating bug and is there a cure?

 Has anyone here ever heard of HS disease?
It has to do with cysts. If so where can I find pictures and information about it?...

 Has anyone out there gotten hives from taking Actonel?
Mine developed 2 years after starting Actonel so I'm not sure that is the cause, It's taking months to get rid of them maybe because the Actonel stays in the body for a long time. I had ...

Sure treatment for cellulitis?...

 Ringworm Infestation?
We recently adopted a kitten from the pound that gave us all ringworm. Turns out the animal is a "carrier" and very contagious. Now my house has ringworm spores everywhere. Wondering if I...

 My hubby has athletes foot how can I keep it from spreading do I have to disinfect tub after every shower?

 The bottom of my feet exept for the arches are very dry what type of atheletes foot is it?
I've tried scrubs,pumice stone,and lotion I still have the dry sometimes scaly feet on bottoms only.Toenails look fine no cracks or yellowing because I scrub bed of nail with soap and a ...

Overnight I found 5 dark redish-purple spots on my arm that look like cigarette burns. They don't hurt, itch
or burn. 2 of the spots are raised a little. They are about the size of a pencil eraser. I've just been diagnosed w/ Lupus. Any ideas about these spots?

Baby Poots
Consult the physician who diagnosed you with Lupus.

Skin lesions are a common symptom of Lupus, but you might want to go see a doctor and have them looked at, okay?

The name of that is hemagiona and it's not dangerous but if you don't like it, you can go see a dermatologist and ask to put this mark off with some laser system. And it's not painful to make it with laser it's the same to someone who have some tattoo they use the same laser for disappear the spot.

Hope this helps. Webmd.com for all your medical questions.

Neil S
See a doctor.

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