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Alicia A
Is there any way to make a bruise fade faster?
I have had a black eye and a big brusie on my chin for 5 days now i haven't been anywhere i wont even leave the house i can't let anyone see me like this they will jump to conclusions.

Mr. Dent
cut a potato in half..and place it on the bruise..hold for a few hours should see the coloring going into the potato..and the skin should lighten up..

You can use comfrey cream which is available from the chemist.

I have never seen anything that will make a bruise go away any faster than your body can reabsorb the blood beneath the skin which is the bruise and this process can take up to 2 weeks. It will gradually fade from black/red to green to normal skin over this time frame. And, make-up can cover some of this. You can't stay home for 2 weeks and who cares what conclusions people jump to - you can ignore their comments.

Jxscape Jx
you can wear make up over it

ARNICA. look it up. its a supplement that helps take away bruising. i took it before my wisdom teeth were out and i had ZERO bruising after and i got four out. :D

Sally Saffron
did someone beat you up?

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