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 What's wrong with my lips?
For the past month my lips will turn really read and swell up a little and then they dry out like they are severely chapped! They burn really bad especially when I eat salty foods! I ask the doctor ...

 why does the skin on my palms peel?
ever winter, or when the weather starts to get cold, the skin on my palms and my fingers starts to peel off :( why is this? i've noticed this for about 5 years now. should i go see a ...

 Why does the skin under my nose feel dry?
For some reason the skin directly under my nose feels dry and sort of tight and stretched-ish, so that when I smile a full smile it feels, like I said, dry and tight.
Where I live, it's ...

 What The F*** Is On My Nose?
Recently I got a something red and quite big on my nose. I've tried popping it but nothing happens beside blood leaking. It's hard to explain but imagine a zit without the white part at the ...

 Can I use a scrub as my cleanser? (acne question)?
Would a scrub be sufficient for cleansing?...

 Cure my chapped lips pretty please ?
So I have really chapped lips. I have tried
everything and nothing seems to work. If you guys have some tips that work for u help me. My lips always seems to have like dead skin lying ontop ...

 I cut my arm with a knife,it didn't bleed but I have a red mark..is it going to scar?
If it is what can I do to lessen it? I would pefer to not have a scar on my arm....

 Is this going to turn into a scar?
About a week ago i was at wrestling practice and i did a take down on a kid and the kid i did it on fell fast and hard so i fell with him and my face (nose area) hit the mat pretty hard. I was ok but ...

 Do ringworms leave scars?
I have about ten small ringworms up and down my arms, and they are just starting to heal. They look like red blotches now....

 how to get rid of mild acne on the cheeks?
i have mild acne on my cheeks and i really want to get rid of them any advice? ...

 I have seriously dry lips and getting ulcers on them because of it - any tips or products to help resolve this?
They've started getting dry since the cold weather began, so it's very likely down to that...
I'm guessing the ulcers are due to me biting the dead skin off and they're ...

 easy solutions for dandruff?
My scalp was perfectly fine about a month and a half ago. But for some reason it's become extremely dry lately and I've been having really bad dandruff that comes out of my hair in clumps ...

 I have problems with my acne?
MY mom yells at me and tells me i look like s**t when i get home till the point im crying. ive tried every thing and nothing seems to work! i just want to look good for her and my confidence is low ...

 Are facial cleansers supposed to burn and sting a lot?
I use both neutrogena and clearasil facial washes and the neutrogena burns like crazy. my mom first put it on me and I was like: "OMG WHAT DID YOU PUT ON ME!!" because it hurt so bad. the ...

 My hands are turning blue?
My hands have been turning blue for the past three days, it's begining to freak me out. They don't feel cold and I'm not expeiriencing any tingling in them. If you have any idea what ...

 why does all my family get skin cancer?
all of my dads side of the family get skin cancer and same with my some of my moms and i was wondering why?

is it because where white people with north european decent? or is it genetic ...

 What are some acne products that actually work since acutane got pulled from the makret?
ughhh i finally talked my mom into letting me get on acutane but it got pulled from the market..is there anything else that is as effective? at this point i don't care how expensive it ...

 Remedies for Cold Sores ?: (?
Tried Abreva in the past & for what i paid for it - it was a waste of money! So I don't have one yet but I feel one coming & was wondering if anyone had any miracle "pre-treatments&...

 BEST acne product on the market?
I have done A LOT of researching on certain products but there are soo many!
You have:
Dermalogica Clean Start
Acne.org kit

 Red Blotchy Skin on my 4 year olds face?
My 4 year old son has red blotchy like patches on his cheeks chin and ears. Not really sure what it is. He has never had anything like this. I wasn't sure if it could be wind burn or something ...

Rick Jensen
Is my nose falling off? Wobbly nose?
Okay the cartilage in my nose is wiggly. I can move my nose all over in different directions. I feel like the cartilage isn't even attached to my face. I can crack my nose like other people can crack their fingers. I don't know if this is possible, but do you think my nose will fall off? It's very wobbly and it's starting to sag. Isn't this what happened to Michael Jackson? HELP I don't want to loose my sense of smell!

Suzie Fuzzy
dude chill...my nose is the same way and ive had it for 15 years (my entire life)...when i was younger i used to "crack" my nose a lot and press it like a pig nose (idk why..) and my nose is still intact and attached to my face.

did you have a nose job? thats what happened to mjs nose that eventually disappeared into nothingness...ewww

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