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 Acne Treatment question!!!!?
Which is better?

Proactive OR Clean & Clear

for this type of acne:
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 I'm a 14 year old kid in the Eighth grade. I have acne and i'm not on a diet but i keep breaking out :*( ?
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 my 16yr old daughter cant go outside in the sunlite or she will burn anywhere the sun hits her skin who can i?
talk to or others that has this condition so i can know more about it an after shes back in doors the burn fades away an shes sick for a few ...

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i'm 15 teen i started puberty at 11....

 Acne treatment?
I have acne and it makes me so self-concious and depressed. Its not severe acne, but enough to make me feel awful.

I'm not quite ready for drugs, but from your experience - what is ...

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so ive had acne for about 1 or 2 years now, its started of mild and now its about around moderate, i started going to a dermotogist in April and he put me on Tazorac, and kept me on it until June, ...

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 my skin is horrible!! :( ??
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 How can you get rid of stretchmarks?
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 I am 13 years old, but I am born with skin looking 60, especially my hands and feet. Is there any cure?
Its not just dry skin or skin peeling, even when i put lotion on, my hands and feet has these lines going both horizontally and vertically making little squares and triangles. My skin is like divided ...

 how to get rid of acne?
I've had it for over three years... and have tried almost everything. =[...

 how to make strech marks dissapear?

Is it bad to take a shower twice a day?
Is it bad for your hair, face, and body to take a shower twice a day?

Answerer 10
Nope, I do that.

Answerer 9
um no but make sure you have enought money for the bill

Answerer 8
why stop at 2 a day? tiny tim took a shower every time he went to the bathroom and it didn't hurt him

Answerer 7
I don't see there being a problem with it. I sometimes do it too, one in the morning and one @ night. I guess if you have dry skin it could be bad, but then again that would depend on what kinda soap your using.

As for hair, if you have dry hair then it wouldn't be good, unless your only doing this once a week.

Answerer 6
What could be bad about it? Your cleaning yourself, ive never heard on the news, or anywhere " A young man has died for showering...twice a day."

Answerer 5
hell na, once in the morning and once in the evening, between the time u shower in the morning till you shower in the evening, ur bound to get dirty and oily again so its good to keep a good personal hygiene

Answerer 4
maybe if you do it EVERY SINGLE DAY

Answerer 3
While yes, it may make you cleaner. If you get particularly dirty, then yeah you need to. But try to avoid it as it will take all shine out of hair, dry out face...I don't think it would effect body.

Answerer 2
On the contrary.It CAN be of great benefit
Unless you use excessive amounts of cleansers like soap.
Although soap can keep your skin pore clear and thus prevent Acne , pimples and blocked pores and it can also cause severe lack of bodily oils with the result that your skin will become very dry and flaky.

Answerer 1
Each time you shower or bathe you are removing the natural oils, so the more often you do this the more often you need to moisturise and condition to replace the natural protection.

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