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 how to get rid of all your acne overnight?! or atleast make it better?!?
please, im really breaking out and i need a soulution fast! something thats easy to do at home! please thanks you!!!!...

 Would honey do this to your skin?
if i put honey on my face wil it peel my moles off?...

 What are some treatments/cures for Rosacea?
I think that i have it, and i want to know some ways to treat or ever cure it. I have a red face that covers my whole cheek area, and is starting to go to the neck. I also have a warm face no matter ...

 whats wrong with my skin?
looks like ive got a massive bruising on my arms and back.

blood looks purple underneath I've never had it before....

 Cure for Red Face Skin?
I have had red face skin since i was little. I don't want it anymore. It is beat red and my face is always warm. I'm a guy and i use acne medication but i have had it since way before i ...

 Is this skin cancer on my arm?
So, i am very scared about this rough patch of skin on my arm between my shoulder and elbow.

Rough patches that don't tan.
One part looks like a bite mark.

 Sore red patch on tongue?
A few days ago I noticed I had a small red patch on my tongue. It was VERY sensitive to cold and heat. Also very sore. Now It is much larger, almost like it is spreading. It bleeds when I brush my ...

 what is the skin on your finger called? the bumpy thing on the underside?
I have it on all of my fingers except my index finger or my thumbs. I'm going to take a guess: have they started to go away because I play videogames? How do I get the bumpy thing back on my ...

 will this help my acne ?
i want to know if this will help my acne, i have mild acne and acne scars, i wash my face twice a day, im still planning to do so but will this help.. ?

in the morning take a shower ( ...

 What helps get rid of hickeys on your neck fast?
would ice help?
i have like 8...

 whats the substitute of Dr.dennis Gross alpha beta peel?
This skin care product is very expenssive,i want to know is there any cheaper brand with same ingredients for extra strenght alpha beta peel?...

 uncomfortable on and off itching?
I've been having this uncomfortable on and off itching all over my body for awhile now and i don't know what to do. i went to my nurse(at my school) one day when the itching was really ...

 My teenage daughter has white spots on her skin should I worry?
She has white spots on her arms, i just noticed, they arent bumpy... Shes never been severly exposed to the sun... should i take her to the doc?...

 Weird bug bite on my toe?
There's a round, flat, itchy, bump on my toe, and I don't know if it's a big bite or not. I've had it for about a week. It started like an ant bite but then got flat.
Here ...

 Acne medecation prescribed?
Hey guys I was prescribed
Tolexine Ge 100
Effederm cream
SVR Laboratoires: Hydracuivr cream

All this is for my acne...are they proved to be good???...

 Please help with razor burn!!!?
I get razor burn SO bad everytime I shave. I get horrible red and white bumps all over me, its gotten so bad that I've cut down to shaving 1-2 a week. I tried using some anti bumps shave gel, ...

 Dry dog food that may help prevent uti in dogs.?
Is there a special food to help prevent uti in dogs? I know there are options for cats....

 How to get rid of stubborn blackheads!?
I have tons of blackheads on my nose and since i have black hair it looks like i have a hairy nost :(! Can someone tell me a product that will work with REAALLLY REALLLY REALLY Stubborn blackheads ( ...

 Is this thing on my lip a zit or a cold sore?
there's this red bump on my upper lip that now has a yellow dot in the middle. i had some white dot in that same area before this red bump emerged, so i'm not sure if that's related? ...

 can warts still spread once it has been blistered over?
I have had a wart(on my finger) frozen off, and it has blood blistered over and shrunk. i just wondered whether it is now dead, or if it can still spread? it has been like this for 2 weeks, and it is ...

Landon Tackett
I have a spot on my skin that looks like a burn what is it?
I have a spot and my leg that looks like a cigarette burn but is not a burn, it doesnt itch but hurts a little. It is red in color and has a neighboring spot that looks very similar but smaller in size. Can someone tell me what this spot is?

I dont No
is it circular?
might be impetigo
commonly found in 10-17 year olds who play physical sports,
its pretty serious get it checked out

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