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 red bumpy rash on face?
I started to get this bumpy red rash on my face, and it started as little, until yesterday it just took over my face mostly around my cheeks. and then on my hands it looks like bug bites? maybe bed ...

 Birth control pills and acne?
I've been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for about 3 years now. At first, I was on generic brand birth control and it made my back break out really badly with acne. I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and ...

 How to get rid of the Acne-Browns Spots?
I got rid of all my acne but there are brown spots left behind i am 13 and I really need a cure for it... Something safe on my skin.....

 I have two orange spots on my arm, what are they?
I woke up this morning and noticed two orange spots on my arm. I figured it was pizza sauce from dinner last night and tried to scrub it off but it wouldn't come off. I used my finger nails and ...

 my cat has a flake, scabby condition on his back from center to tail. we have tried antibiotics and prednisone?

 my dog has skin irritation what could be causing it?
my dog is always itching and her skin turns black in some area it even effects her ...

 Ance and Drinking Water?
I was browsing articles about acne and most say drink lots of water. But, that's not a problem for me. I drink it EVERYDAY and EVERY MEAL. Instead of my acne getting any better. I had a really ...

 Cheap creams that removes blemishes, acne scars, dark spots that can be buy in drugstores here in philippines?
i have tried Garnier Ligh Complete for 3 weeks but it didnt worked!! what do u think can i use??...

 Do you think diamond peel can remove acne scars, blemishes and dark spots?
if not do u think chemical peel will do?...

 Eczema troubles, Why and What is it?
I had eczema a lot when I was younger (very bad) up until the age of about 6 then it went away completely until I was 10 it came back a little bit just in the creases of my elbows. Then as quick as ...

 What can I do to stop my mouth being so dry?
and does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? I'm 16 and for about the past two years my mouth has been constantly dry, its like I can't produce salivia anymore. When I wake up ...

 is a Fever Blister or Cold Sore a sign of a std? What causes them?
If not what else can cause them? And what are they?...

 I have a bright blue tiny dot under my skin. What is it?
It's the size of a pencil tip but it's disturbing because it's bright blue. What is it? Could it be a spider vein of some sort? It's a bump though and I can feel it, but it's ...

 Invisible bump on my earlobe?
today I felt a small bump inside my ear you can't see it but u can clearly feel it what is it it doesn't hurt. And also can I still pierce my ...

 proactive question....?
I just noticed right now that my proactive creams n stuff were expired 5 months ago and i've been using it all this time. but i still have some left and i don't want it to go to waste. is ...

 what is a black and blue zit with a little white head?
I don't know what it is. I've had acne for over 2 years, and I've never seen this. My face is finally starting to clear and now I got this. I steam before I was my face, and I tried to ...

 Why would anyone get a ringworm?

 whats wrong if you have small patches of light colored bumps throughout both arms?
I have these small patches of bumps on my arm, and I was wondering what it is. My mom and my grandmother both have skin problems. And my mom has lupus. Is it a sort of skin problem?...

 How to get rid of dry scalp?
Its not dandruff, its just small white flakes. Its been like this for like a while, and its getting worse. I use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo, and it does nothing for it. Im a guy, so my hairs ...

 after tanning i have gotten some bumps on my skin that itch.?
after tanning i have gotten some bumps on my skin that itch. I've been tanning before without a problem. what are they from???...

I have a small red ring on my leg with a red dot in the center. Both are raised& scaly , but don't itch?
It starts small and gets larger. A couple on my legs and at times my fore arms. What might it be? I get it during the winter.

I give you this information so you can see if your symptoms match Lyme disease: Rash. A small, red bump may appear within a few days to a month, usually at the site of the tick bite — often in your groin or belt area or behind your knee. The bump may be warm to the touch and mildly tender. Over the next few days, the redness expands, forming a rash that may be as small as your fingertip or as large as 12 inches (30 centimeters) across. It often resembles a bull's-eye, with a red ring surrounding a clear area and a red center. The rash, called erythema migrans, is one of the hallmarks of Lyme disease, affecting about 70 to 80 percent of infected people. If you're allergic to tick saliva, redness may develop at the site of a tick bite. The redness usually fades within a week. This is not the same as erythema migrans, which tends to expand and become redder over time.

It sounds like it could be Lyme disease. Have you seen a tick on your leg? Get it checked by a Dr. just in case. There are antibiotics if Lyme is the cause.

Qurani Bella
kinda strange you get it in winter only but i was thinking ring worm as it can resolve by itself and return if not treated periodically. EDIT: A answer below she is right it could be lyme diesease! good answer!

Michelle Hamilton
Sounds like it could be a fungal infection. You should see your doctor to rule this out.

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