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Caramel Republican
I have a darker face than the rest of my body, what can I do about it?
Okay, I am a black american and my face is darker than the rest of my body. My face is a medium colored brown and my body is light brown. IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE SUN, because I am rarely outside.

put makeup on the rest of ur body to make it darker

you can get skin lighteners for your face if you want to make it math your body.

but if you wanna make your body match your face then buy jergens natural glow it is a self tanner and comes in all different shades and doesnt look fake i use it and its realy pretty.

makeup , possibly or a tanning boooth ?

hope this helped :)

Mum Mum
Wear sunscreen every morning, and your face will get paler.

Hey there! Have you ever tried whitening face lotion? It´s pretty much the same as whitening teeth mouthwash, but it´s for the face (pretty obvious hehe). You can buy it in any pharmacy or supermarket. Also, the more you wash your face, the clearer it gets! Scrub it every week and all the dead skin will wash off, and soon enough you´ll have a clean, lighter face :)

your two toned your body is two different colours, the only thing you can do is bleach you can use cream that does it slowly. but thats it


You can use cocoa butter, it takes time but it is a good natural thing to use which also moisturises your skin as well as evening it out. It worked for me!

cheesecake is disgusting
It is the sun.
You don't go outside much, but your face is darker than the rest of your body because you wear clothes.

They make face creams designed to lighten your skin tone and even things out. Ask at your local drugstore, or maybe search a bit online. Avon even sells a skin lightening cream.

Briana E
go outside and tan but cover ur face w somthing and listen 2 music

You can get a slightly paler foundation that matches your body's colour, not your face's colour
I bet no one notices anyway... we all notice things about ourselves that we dont like that no one else notices.


May - Sophia's Mommy
Try a foundation that is a lighter shade than your face....

erm these are my ownly options;;

False Tan

Or you can get an skin job operation

but what do i know im only 11 years old

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