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I cut myself with a slightly rusted razor...?
while shaving my knee and now the area around the cut is swollen and red...will i have to get my leg chopped off? Its a teeny cut but still! i'm very worried.

You are going to die! Didn't you watch a 1000 ways to die! Get it checked ASAP!

Sounds like the cut is infected. Wash with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment. If you have not had a tetanus shot in 5-10 years, you need one. You might need to see the doctor for antibiotics.
No your leg does not need to be chopped out.

if you are update on your tetnis shots, then no. cover it with a bandaid and throw away the razor. if its still swolen by tomorrow morning, go to the doctor.

Ellis Bontellis
If its swollen and red, go to the doctor right away. You won't have your leg chopped off if you go in time.

Ok first... No you will NOT have to get your leg chopped off...
Next, get some kind of cream or liquid that will sooth it.(Like Neosporin, Lotions, ect.)
A band-aid will help.
Don't mess with it for a while. It needs to recover.

Hope this helps!

u might just need a shot

no if you have had ur tetnis shot, go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. rather safe then sorry!

it might be infected, but don't panic.
probably just need anti-biotics. maybe a tetanus shot.
if it hurts to the slightest touch.
if it doesn't hurt so badly, clean it with hydrogen peroxide and put a bandaid on it.
if it has pus in it and really hurts, get it tested for a staph infection...
rusted razors can have that.

hope that helps.

Rust is not dangerous, it does not cause tetanus. The worst thing is not anything about rust, but whether is was rusty because it was sitting around in stagnant water possibly collecting bacteria. But if it was clean and the only issue was rust.. no worries. Rust is just oxygenated iron. Same thing that makes your blood red.

Older &amp; Wiser
Quick, clean it up with disinfectant, any disinfectant and a cotton ball. (lysol, hydrogen peroxide or dettol) Give it time, sleep on it and if it is still festered and hurting then call a doctor or go to a walk in clinic.

Put hydrogen peroxide on it and a band aid

Did you have your tetanus booster within the last 10 years? If not, then you definitely need to get your shot for it. Even if it was like, 7 or 8 years ago, I'd get it just in case.
Being swollen and red doesn't mean it's gonna be infected. Swelling and redness is your body's natural response to getting your skin cut. Now if it becomes hot to the touch, or starts to ooze puss, then you're infected.

I doubt you"ll need to chop off your leg...u should clean it, thats what i would do. its rust...not poison...im sure you'll be fine......and would need your leg amputated. :)

That may be jumping to conclusions. Are you up to date on your tetanus shot? Make sure it's clean and covered to prevent infection. If you're really worried you could always go to the Dr? I wouldn't risk it if it gets too much worse.

The swelling and redness is a normal reaction. Clean it with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol that should prevent any infections. If you've had your tetanus shot then you'll be fine. If not, go see the doctor. The incubation period for tetanus is anywhere from 8 days to several months, so the sooner the better.

Dr. Hertzer
better get a Tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

Mike D
If you had your tetanus shot taking in the past 10 years your fine.
Wash it out with some hydroproxide.
And put a band-aid on it.

Wash out the cut with soap and water and apply antibiotic cream or hydrogen peroxide to prevent any infection. Rust itself does not necessarily mean there is bacteria on the blade but you should still be safe. Of course, keep an eye on the injury, and if the area swells uncontrollably, turns funny colours, or oozes something nasty, go to an emergency room.

No, you will most likely not need to have your leg amputated, and the swelling and redness are probably normal and nothing to worry about.

keep an eye on it, don't let it get infected. clean it with some alchohol. sometimes, shallow cuts get a bit swollen(especially razor cuts that just take off a little skin) if it starts getting more swollen, and painful, it could be infected and you may need a doctor. just keep it clean and dry and keep some type of ointment on it to keep infection out. :)

hahaha no dont worry just put a band aid and your good..

No, your probably going to get a tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

Raawr Im a dinosaur!! Fear me!!!
clean it with achohol dnt freak

WOW RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!1

no, no, no! honey, it's just a cut, put some rubbing alcohol on it and let it foam, it's infected, is it black? Put ice on it and be careful next time, i think you need a new razor blade, you'll be fine, I assure you

No. You won't have to get your leg removed. I've had friends that have gashed their intire knee on a rust nail. Just go to the doctor and they'll give you the meds for it. If it's really serious you'll have to get surgery. But just to get the rust out, not your whole leg.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. :)

Endora Sweet as PIEsces
lol swollen and red does not = chopped off. if it were green... that's another story. so anyway umm if you're worried you could seek medical attention and i'm sure the doctor will fix you right up

You'll be fine, clean it out with antibacterial and use a bandage to prevent other bacteria from coming in.

you'll be fine dont worry so much

don't worry, just go in to see your doctor and get some antibiotics if you believe it to be infected. if not, then just let it heal (if you haven't gotten lockjaw by now then you're definitely ok) :P

Slippy Toad
just put some neosporin on it. no big deal.

Lawl 8D
hahahahaha thats funny no silly same thing happened to me use your razor for about 6 days and get a new one kuz it can get infectted put alcohol oh yea dunt share razors

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