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 Does toothpaste really cure acne?
hmm...just another teenager with skin problems Wanting to look pretty and clear skined...just looking at all options her : ) ...

 My face dries and peels like a monster after showering...What should I do to fix it?
Ok, I think quite a few people might have this problem. For the past six years, every time I finish taking a shower, my face would peel and dry like none other. Basically I look like a monster. I ...

 what could a small bump on upper thigh crease be?
I just noticed i have a small (pea size) bump on the crease between my thigh and lower abs/groin area. It itches a little, and has a small black dot in the middle. the bump is firm, yet i can move ...

 I HATE my skin! (ALOT)...?
My skin is dry, my cheeks and nose are red and I also have big pores on my cheeks! - Is there any way to fix the redness and the big pores?...

 Does anyone know of any acne programs that ACTUALLY WORK?????
please i hate my zits and want them gone i've tried proactive clearisil and neutrogen but none are working please ...

 Nail biting to the extreme?
My friend has gone beyond biting his nails, he now bites other peoples nails! At first he'd discreetly have a nibble when they weren't looking but now, he'll wrestle them to the ground ...

 omg! i have a lil sunburn on chest n arms! help?
ok,, so tomorrow i have a dinner {formal} n i have a dress that cuts down n is in a tank-top style and yesterday i got a sunburn =/ {that makes it 3 days of having a sunburn} what should i ...

 I have really bad dandruff..?
its very embarrsing i use head and showuolders ive tried every product what should i use? or what should i do? i wach my head everyday but idk whats the deal.....

 How to get rid of acne that is on dry skin?
ok so i normally have pretty decent skin at home, i live in a warm climate, so my skin is normally not dry except in the winter, when i also have this problem... anyway I'm spending the summer ...

 How can I get rid of painful razor bumps?
I have very painful ones on my armpit, so obviously it hurts a lot because of all the friction. I have never gotten it before and it's only on the left one. What's the best way to treat it?...

 I have been struggeling with acne for almost 10 years it ranges from mild to severe?
I've done prescription topical and now the doc wants to put me on accutane which I think we all know why I really don't want to go that route. So are there any procedures or do you know ...

 How to treat a ringworm?
I don't know how i got it,it wasjust there this morning.How do i treat it i dont have any of that special cream or whatever but will neosporin work?If not what are some cheap treatments i can ...

 does the dermastine cream help take away stretch marks?

 What is the best lotion I can use?
For children? I have a son who is 12 and gets extremely ashy dry skin in the winter and its horrible! What would be a good lotion and when is the best time to use it and how much?...

 help me...im desperate for a cure!!?
i have a very pretty face ....but i have dark circles and eye bags and puffines......plz suggest a way to get rid of them,......plz tell me a way that actually works......if it worked for u ...plz ...

 how do I get rid of oily skin?

 How to treat gunghot wound to the leg?
My friend was shot in the left inner thigh. There is a bullet entrance on his front left inner thigh and a bullet exit on his back left inner thigh..bout 3 inches apart. He refuses to go to the ...

 Ii was wondering if anyone knew of a cream or cover up that could get rid or scars???
i have severly sensitive skin and even when i cut myself( IF I BANG INTO SOMETHING OR FALL) i end up getting a scar and ive tried everytjing but nothing seems to work.im just tired because i feel ...

 weird thing on body!!!?
okaay my cousin has this thing on his a-- andd ii wanna know what it is!!! can youu guys tell me?? http://i589.photobucket....

 What's best to get rid of acne scaring?

Shaun of the undead
How to get rid of burn marks?
Is there a cream I can get to make the burn marks on my arm fade away? I would prefer a sort of medication to help me, any hints/tips/advice?

Bryn Yasui
Aloe Vera.

Tina Tackitt
liquid vitamin E is a good thing to use as it rejuvenates the skin. It works for scars to. I had to have surgery and after the redness went away I used the liquid vitamin E and it is all gone. It took a little while but it works.

Yep! I got a burn from an iron a few months ago, so I went to a CVS and wandered around the aisles until I found some. All brands should work fine, and they visibly reduced the appearance of my scar.

Josh Goldby
neosporine or cortisone cream

theres a burn gel u can buy

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