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Jonas A
How come when you scratch a rash, it just gets worse?

Rashes could come from anything........ Scratching it will only irritate it and release bacteria to spread with in any areas that it may come in contact with........ The best thing to do would be to try hydro cortisone cream and resist scratching.......possibly event take some benadrly to releive the itching. If the rash still persist see a doctor.......

All of the above, plus you might get an infection.

because scratching it makes the inflammation worse and it spreads more.

you irritate it by scratching or rubbing it and some rashes (depending on what kind) will spread. Best thing to do is keep it clean and dry and put ointment on it. Usually cortisone cream is best.

You are spreading the infection.

You irritate the skin further and allow it to spread further. You may also lead to a skin infection such as cellulitis which I can assure you from personal experience you don't want to get.

cause you spread it more duhhhhhhhhh
every one should know that!!!!!!!!

Dave R
Because scratching damages the skin further. Scratching is helpful only when some foreign object is causing the itch. A rash is caused by internal things such as histamines, so scratching doesn't help. The damage scratching does only causes the body to have to work harder to heal.

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