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 I have lupus and my fingers are so painful. They are inflammed, itch and I cannot move 2 of 'em. what to do?
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 Anyone know of a great face wash and a great moisturizer to get rid of acne?
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 apple cider vinegar and acne?
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 My brother got this bump/lump on his back....?
it's not very noticeable but you can totally feel it. he won't go to the doctor because he says hes had it forever. but im really scared if its cancer or something else serious.


 self harm scars? kinda urgent?
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 Strange small, red circles?
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 My menstrual cramps seem to have backed up into my sinuses...Is this okay?

 My 8 year old daughter is constantly getting cold sores,?
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 my 6 mo old daughter has a rash around her mouth that has discoloration and a rash with small bumps on her che
what could this be....

 how do you prevent blackheads?
i have tried those pads that remove them, but they never seem to work on me.. so perhaps prevention is the best way for me!

please help! and thank you (:...

 What are these itchy bubbly bumps on the palm of my hand?
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 rash help please!?
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 I have recently noticed tiny red bumps on my chest, then on my abdomen, underarm, and legs what is this?
when i first noticed them on my chest(breast), they were just red sploches, like the pores were red. Now theyre under my arms, on my abdomen, and on my legs. They are very tiny and very red. They ...

 ???eczema problems??? HELP!!!?
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 Is this a wart?
I have this little spot on my palm, it started out last week as an extremely itchy red bump, now it is red around but has a clear, round centre. It's the size of a pin head. Is this a wart? Or ...

 What acne treatment cream/ointment would you recomend and why?
I want to know which over the counter products are pretty effective in treating acne. I've heard of products by Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc, but I'm not sure which I should use....

 What are these bumps on my arms?
ive had them since i was little. There red little bumps and im embarrassed to wear a short sleeve or tank top shirt because i hate them so much! How can i get rid of them?!...

 my 2 year old has red bumps on her body, it doesnt look like chicken pox what other things could it be?
i am taking her to the docs tomarrow, but woundered if i could find out the possibilitys and maybe i can somehow help with the ...

How can I keep my heels from splitting open?
Around the bottom edge of my heels, I get deep cracks that often split open an bleed. I have been to more than one Dr. and have been treated with various creams and urea 40% lotion. All of them work while you use them, but nothing seems to cure the problem. Does anyone know of a cure for such a thing?

I have this problem, I don't believe there is a cure. Urea did not work well for me. Salex cream helps more. The best thing I do is sand my heels with emery cloth on a flat paddle every morning before my shower. It has greatly reduced the cracking, pain and bleeding. Be careful and stop removing the hardened tissue before it bleeds.

I have the same problem, and it hurts really bad when you first walk in the morning. I went to the doctor and she said get some "tripple anti-biotic ointment" and rub it in until the crack heals. Also, when the cracks are healed, I get regular pedicures, and they scrub my feet really good with a medal scrubber to keep the dry skin off. and the socks at night works good to keep them soft.

try bath&body hemp foot repair cream.works great

Try this ...... put bag balm on them and then a pair of old socks, at night before you go to bed. You could even use Vaseline or eucerin original moisturizing cream, but you must put something over it to keep it there. Bag balm is use on animals but it's great for humans too. Your pharmacy should have all of these. I know bag balm is sold at walmart near the pet supplies, if your pharmacy doesn't have it.

If the skin condition is one of the ones due to a candida (yeast fungus) condition, then anti fungal creams only help while you use them, unless you get the candida fungus back into balance.

Yogurt is one way, but it may need help from a total anti-yeast diet. www.hufa.org, the yeast link, has info on this.

There is an oil I found at a local nutrition store that seems to help with dry skin. You might want to apply it every day, but it will help- and it smells wonderful! Not overly perfume-y.

It is called Seven Wonders Miracle Oil, and it is sold by Vitamin World. Perhaps you can find something similar locally.

Good luck!

There is nothing that cures the problem, you just need to keep your heels moisturized. Lotil works very well

ew bugs!
I don't think there is a "cure" other than a lifestyle change that includes taking better care of your feet on a daily basis. It's just going to be one of those things that you'll deal with to keep them in the shape that you want.

just dont stand on them for a while and wait for it to HEAL ITSELF

The cracks on Feet appear due to exposure to changing weather conditions. In cold climates if the feet is very near to floor or earth the fees crack and sometimes bleed also. There is no permanent cure for this. What ever medicine the doctors prescribe are only will give temporary relief.

The best way is to apply Glycerin in the cracks after careful washing and drying the affected portions.

Secondly, you should always wear socks and shoes to cover the place even when you are not getting the cracks. You should do it for ever. In the house you can use Hawaii sandals to avoid contact of feet with the floor. In China even now people wrap their feet with bandage to avoid cracks and for binding the cracks.

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