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 Acne Causes?
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 what is a good product or method to make stretch marks disappear from the skin?
serious answers only.
how do you know it works out?
10 points for a good answer that solves my question....

 Your experiences with salicylic acid?
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joe o
How To Use Boric Acid for treating a Stye?
Boric Acid used to be used many years ago in a solution for its antiseptic properties to treat ear infections and stye's, around the eye. It was disolved in hot water and a washcloth soaked in it to make a compress. Does anyone know how much to use as a stye treatment?

It is also used around home foundations to keep out and get rid of insects, too....

Library Eyes
Never heard of the boric acid...would not put anything with the word "acid" around the eye area...just put a washcloth in water in the microwave for 30 sec to 1 min depending on the microwave and use as a compress as often as possible

You don't want to use the kind for garden or outdoor use because it contains inert ingredients that can be harmful.

You can buy sterile boric acid solution at the pharmacy.

Use hot soaks for the stye (hordeola.) The boric acid can be irritating to the ocular tissues.

St♥rmy Skye

Writer of Truth
If you have a stye, I wouldn't treat it with boric acid. It's going to sound crazy, but use a gold ring. It has to be real gold -- either 14k or 18k -- and rub the ring back and forth over the stye for about a minute. In a few hours the stye will go down and then by tomorrow morning it will be completely gone. I know it sounds crazy but it's true and it works. A good friend of mine is a doctor and he told me about it.

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