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 i have a 2wk cut my skin is red n my skin pealing around the cut n i feel my hand going numb is this infection
redness no pain or pus just redness and ...

 why have i been itching all over?!?
I'm 14 and I'm a male. I started itching about 3 months ago. It started off being anal. Then it spread to my crotch. Now, my entire body is itching! Idk whats wrong! I'm getting red ...

 Cracked, bleeding, burning, itching hands and feet?
My grandma has deeply cracked hands and feet, and she always complains that they itch. When she scratches them, they bleed. She also says that they sometimes burn. This isn't seasonal, it is ...

 What is an itch?
What causes it and why?...

 neck bump question?
I have a bump on the left side of my neck. i think it is a swollen lymph node, bnut i haven't been sick. do you know what it is? it is about the size of an olive....

 My son has a red nose?
My son has strept throat and along with that a very runny nose. He has blown his nose so many times (with aloe kleenex) that he is very red under his nose above his lip. What should I put on it and ...

 what's the best way to get rid of scars??

 why do i have a purple toe?

 PLEASE HELP!!!! [acne]?
i dont know how to spell it, but i just want to know how to make most of it go away. i know you cant make it all go away, but i know you can make MOST of it go away. THANKS...

 what should i do please answer?
i just got attacked by masketos like legit attacked i have so many bites on my arms, face, ears and neck that they are swolling please help what should i do?????...

 HELP! I have a HUGE stye!?
Okay, so I've had styes in both eyes before. They sometimes go away, but one them was so bad that I had to get surgery to remove it. Im getting another one, and I've been doing the warm ...

 Is it good to wash your face every night?
I usually wash my face every night and I notice is breaking out. My face wash is for acne and it Contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide.... It's almost like proactive....

 Acne-free in 3-days?
Can Anybody Tell Me What This Includes Becuase Im A Teenager And Dont Have The Money To Pay.. I Have Graduation Coming Up And Cant Have Acne......

 I have a problem....?
I have to many habits,fogetfulness,biting nails,and picking at anything. Help on how to stop?...

 Scabies, is there a way I can cure it with out a doctor?
Ok, so somehow I got scabies, well that is just what I think it is. Anyways, it started out on my arm and neck, I thought it was just Mosquitoes. Then all the sudden it multiplied, and now there ...

 I have a really bad sunburn on my face..?
I got a bad sunburn on my face from being at he beach for the 4th of july :(. It is starting to peel and dry out now. I know aloe vera is best but i forgot to pick some up at the store and can't ...

 can wrong use shampoo can cause grey hair?

 whats the cure to stinky feet?
mine arent TERRIBLE but tomorrow i'm hanging out with my boyfriend and friends and i don;t want my feet to smelll. i'm gonna wear fuzzy socks the thick ones. and wash my feet really good ...

 how to rid my home of ringworm?
I am on my first day of cream for my ringworm. I have never had it before and don't want to start infecting everyone in my home. What all should be done to make sure it is all out of my home? W...

 who has ever had a COLD SORE ???
i hate them calls all the guys like to make me mad and make fun of me when i have ...

Help! i accidentally cut my fingernail off too deep when peeing a potato! please, i need advice?
This is my second last finger.. my ring finger.. and its already short with a lot of white bits sticking out. I use to cut that finger nail too deep. I was peeling a potato and didnt realise i accidentally created a huge cut across my finger nail. It was really loose so i had to cut if noww. now its soo short and it feels annoying. I'm worried that whe it grows it, there will be too much white bits. Can I avoid this? Can i fix my nails later if it grows out with a lot of white bits at the tip. Really! I'm desperate for help. It feels so uncomfortable when my nails are so short.

It's okay! You have atleast two options. You can let it heal and grow on it's own. It most likely won't be messed up but you never know. Or you can go to the doctor, have him take the rest of your broken nail bits out, and let it grow like that. Either way you'll have one short nail for a while. And if neither works then just keeping having your doctor take it out until it does. Sorry, but each body reacts differently to things. Hope it works out.

Little Ms Teeny Tiny
go to the doctor and he will get u medicine.

You peed a potato?!

You need to be more carefull, you also sound like you rush yourself when your cooking. Try using a duller knife too.

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