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 Mole on arm scabbing over?
I noticed that a small mole on my left arm that has been there my entire life had scabbed over. Not a solid scab, but kind of bumpy and white. I scratched off the scab, and maybe it's my mind ...

 Is Sweating good for acne?
I have read articles and most say sweat makes acne worse, but If thats true then why is it that ever since I started working out and sweating (mostly on my forehead) the skin there (forehead) is ...

 Can a really bad lighter burn become cancerous?
Over a year ago i recieved a lighter burn at a party , i see alot of ppl around with them but none close tyo as bad as mine which still looks bad after a year ... its a red risen scar about an inch ...

 how to get rid of my oily skin?
well i have dry skin, but after i put my moisturizer on it goes oily, but the problem is, without the moisturizer my face is sooooo scaly and my face is sensitive so it reacts to different face ...

 What could I use to help with cold sore discomfort?
Well it is just starting. A little bubble right now but very sore and itchy. I cannot go out and buy cream until boxing day or later. What could i use to relieve some dicomfort until I can get some ...

 my ear has been peirced for 13 years and it has a odor sometimes. How do i get rid of the odor?

 Facial Warts?
Anyone have experiance with facial warts? I have about 5 in different locations on my face. Does anyone know what causes them and how to get rid of them for good?...

 I have soft , peeling fingernails, so thin they are sore, what to do?
I keep them from water, have used every nail hardener kown to mankind, creams, cuticle cream, zinc tablets, multivitamins. They are getting worse and actually hurt....

 I have a rash for over a month now, what should i do?
I'm 14 years old and i have never had a rash before as far as i could remember. I told my mom about this and she said it was a summers rash and it can last through the whole summer. I wanted it ...

 Acne... Again....?
We all know there are many Acne threads but I'm just curious on what people do, and what affect it has had on you, or others that you know with Acne. There are a lot of different Acne ...

 How do I get rid of streach marks?
I was 120-130lbs in summer08, and now I'm 98lbs. From this I got stretch marks around my legs and hips.... It looks really gross some are fading but I want them gone before the summer. What can I...

what are some homemade skin masks to soften skin, and get rid of dry skin on the face? please give me ingredients, and the time i have to leave it on and such! thankyou♥!...

 psoriasis, I've had them since I was little what made them go away and what caused them to come back?
i was diagnosed when I was 6 years old. On me they don't show up in patches but more like chickenpox and i get them mainly on my stomache and back. I usually have them all the time but when i ...

 how can i reduce my puffy eyes?
i cried last night and i woke up and went to the mirror and my eyes are all puffy and red and i look like a Chinese girl but can i do before i go to school which is 2 hours and 30 mins. please i ...

 i have these bites/bumps that just pop up on my arms legs wherever that itch and hurt .?
they look like misqueto bits but there not....

 how to get rid of it?
how do u get rid of a hicky or ways to cover it ...

 What is the best facial moisturizer for dry skin?

 Toe nail fungus comes from nail polish???
I noticed my toe nails are turning a light orange color at the very very top so I asked some one from Sergio's Spa and she said it was a fungus. So I got that cream you put on twice a day... a ...

 My little toenail grows in two pieces, how can I help this?
I don't remember ever hitting it bad or anything recently, the toe itself was broken several years ago. For a while now, the toenail has been growing in two pieces, about 1/4 and 3/4. It ...

 Red spots on my face? HELP!!?
Hi. Why are there red bumps on my face? This has been happening for a long time now. They dissapear but come back a few days later. The bumps usually appear on my cheeks and i want to know whats ...

HELP what's happening to me?? (itching with crawling sensation)?
Okay so I just woke up in the middle of the night because I'm REALLY REALLY itchy on my toes, my inner thighs, my chest, underneath my chin, at the back of my neck and behind my ears. I feel this crawling sensation all over me but I checked, and there were no bugs.... only rashes in the areas described above. It's all red and has lots of little bumps with different shapes and sizes and in no particular pattern. I'm FREAKED OUT PLEASE HELP WHAT?! NO! And It's starting to appear in more places!!!! My toes are where it was first itchy, and it's not anymore, but the same rash is still there

okay okay dont freak calm yourself down now do you have any cream like e45 or something like that it normally helps maybe the feathers in youre duvet or pillow is giving you excama ive had it before so just dont itch it I said dont!

you're probably just experiencing an allergic reaction. Go through your day in your mind and try to pinpoint a possible trigger for the reaction... If you are really concerned, wait a couple of hours and if the sensation persists go see a doctor-even if it is only for your peace of mind.

Go to the doctor ASAP and you will likely be directed to a dermatologist. The symptoms you describe can be many things.

Sounds like you had an allergic reaction.. are the areas swollen or just itchy? If you woke up with the problem, then might I suggest it is something in your bed causing the irritation? Give it a few hours to die down - if it dosen't - see your doctor

Take a shower... maybe you are allergic to something. Try some benadryl too. Have you tried any new detergents on your blankets or night clothes? If nothing works... take yourself to the ER if it gets too bad. ~Brandy

Do you abuse ice?

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