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Extremely itchy burning skin, claw mark bubbles after I scratch it. What do I have?
For a couple months now, my face, scalp, neck back, chest, arms, and legs have been itching painfully at random times just about every day. Kind of feels like mosquito bites. After I scratch those areas it turns red and I get this burning sensation. Then these thin line lumps pop out that kind of look like claw mark scars, and I don't even scratch anywhere that hard. It's been gradually getting worse. Any ideas what might be causing this before I head to a dermatologist? I am 24 years old and never experienced this before in my life. Yes I am a male, and no it is not on my "wiener" like someone mentioned. It is just on the places that I mentioned.

OMG! You know I'm not all that familiar with white peoples skin. My ex husband was white and he was always getting strange things on his body sometimes looked like AIDS when I got nothing. I don't know what to tell you.

I can't remember what it's called, but my daughter has it also. The doc. told her to take 1 clartin a day. This has helped. Sometimes, stress will make it a lot worse. So take a clartin or other over the counter allergy med and relax.

steve m
that is definitely gonarrhea. you should get that checked. definitely don't sleep with anybody.

Keira D
Depends on where it's at. If you are male and this condition is on your wiener, you may have the dreaded condition known as "The Creeping Crud".

sherry s
could be an alergic reaction to something. maybe like a contact dermatitis. if i were you i would see a dermatoigist and tell him your symtoms. im really not sure what it is other than some sort of hives maybe. get in touch and get that checked out to be sure of what it is!!!

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