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 What is the cure for a very sensitive skin that gets rough (dry) and scaly and sometimes reddish?

 What are the sites on surgery?

 Why do palms and sole have no hair??
It is About integumentary system in our body.. Please answer it.....

 tell me what to do after swimming t o protact my skin?

 Is there a way to disinfect a clarinet reed?
I got a new reed last week Monday. Played the horn Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday morning I had a sore throat and bad cough. I don't want to throw away the reed I just bought, but I also do ...

 what do you call this red spots?
i shaved my legs first time. I think i shaved fast.
then after rinsing, my legs were covered with spots. its not ingrown hairs, but the hairs were individually covered with red spots.


 I have wrinkle in the back of my head. I want to know why?
I want to know why? what can be done to remove it. can plastic surgery fix this issue. thank you for your help....

 What is a good cheap moisterizer what will not clog my pores or break me out?
I have over sensitive skin and have found nearly every moisterizer clogs my pores...even when it says it will not. I have tried the Pro-Activ but it makes my face peel and redden. So any tips on ...

 Does anyone know of a good anti-persperant routine?
So I feel like I sweat alot. I use Certain Dry at night and it works some of the time. Then in the morning I use Degree. I'm so tired of sweat!...

 What does it mean when ur "kochie" is swollen and has a rash?

 What is the best product to get rid of acne?

 Do any of you use Acne Free?
If so, are you having any complications, etc.?...

 what is eczema?

 do i try new make up if i have sensitive skin or do i ask someone related to me with the same problem HELP?

 Any acne cleanser suggestions?
I have tried Proactiv, Murads, everything over the counter like, every single Noxema, Oil of Olay,Clerasil, Clean, Clear, & Under Control, and Neutragena product there is. I just can't seem ...

whats the best thing for my chin mostly which is acne

and the best thing for my nose which is ...

 Has anyone had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst on his or her hand?
Did you need physical therapy?
Was there any scarring?
Did the cyst come back?...

 How do you get rid of canker sores really fast?
i got 2 on the left side of my tongue and one on the inside of my gum on the left too...i tried salt water..and pouring salt directly on it..which hurt real bad..how do i get rid of it..it hurts to ...

 What can be used to even out skin color.?

 What is the best chap stick for really dry lips.?
went skiing and now my lips ...

Does poison oak grow in Ohio? Sumac?
I want to know if Poison oak and Sumac grow in Ohio.......

Billy T
I went to work in willard ohio and got poison oak.This is very near mansfield

sure why not

yes it grows in Ohio

Poison ivy, sumac, and oak grows EVERYWHERE throughout the world.

dances with cats
yes they do, as does poison ivy. I live in Illinois and they all grow here.

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