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 What's the best way to stop acne for good?
I've had acne ever since the 8th grade. I got my proactive around that time. But for some reason, proactive can't keep my acne under control anymore. It seems to irritate my skin now and if ...

 How to get rid of the scars caused by acne and chicken pox ie the holes nd other deformities caused by acne??
well the black nd red spots can be removed through plastic surgery but what about the holes that hv been created!! Is there any surgery to remove these??...

 Why is our Yorkie puppy biting and licking one nail for days?
Our 1 yr old Yorkie is licking and biting one of her nails (the middle one) on her paw incessantly for days and will NOT stop.

I cannot get her to a vet until Friday and we are really ...

 How do you get rid of a cyst?
About 2 weeks ago a cyst popped up on my ancle from playing softball. Too much pressure on my ancle I guess. How am I supposed to get rid of it? Will it go away on its own? Do I have to get it ...


 i dont know how i got a sore on the back of my neck but it wont go away its been 2 weeks?

 I have black scars on my forehead from acne, any scar removal medication available?
When I was a younger teen I had a huge problem with my skin. I would have acne breakouts everyday. My acne is now gone but the black scars on my forehead and chin are still visible. I am very self-...

 Anyone else here have athletes foot?
What works for you? And what are your symptoms?...

 What makes us itch? ?
What makes us itch? And what chooses where we'll need to itch?...

 i feel like my entire body is itching, help!?
it comes and goes buy basically the past couple of days my head, chin, hands, feet, stomach, arms have been itching and its really freaking me out. i feel like maybe one of them really is itching and ...

 Acene Problem.?
I had a break out of acne back in high school but I decided to do nothing about it for a year. That was a mistake. Shortly after that I decided to take care of my skin. Tried a lot of stuff and now ...

 Why are my fingernails purple?
My relatives are a little weirded out about why my fingernails are purple. Their fingernails are pink. My cousin said that purple fingernails indicate an illness. Also, when we were having a medical ...

 Strange facial skin (acne related)?
I'm 18 now, and had moderate acne from age 14-17. Since then, it's been mild, however you can see red dots and areas where smaller blemishes are appearing.

However, if I look ...

 Is it possible to get a retin a prescription from a regular doctor?
or can i only get one from a dermatologist
i live in canada if that ...

 how do you get rid of corns and bunions????
i have cons and stuff all on my feet and its so ...

 im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast!?
im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast! besides eating junk food unless there are bars, shakes thatll gain wait on me?...

 does drinking alcohol after accutane make you break out?
I recently finished my second treatment of accutane. I was prescribed it about a year and a half ago, and also around 9 months ago.

My second treatment was finished about 2 months ago. I ...

 dark pigmentation on body?
i want to know how to get rid of it and what is it?? is it eczema(sp?)

the dark spots are darker than my real skin tone and it is not as a resut of sunburn. it appears in the middle of my ...

 what is the easiest/best way to get rid of acne scars?

 Calling Dr. House: What could cause this itchy foot?
My daughter has 'one' foot that itches. We have been to a dermatoligist and a pediatrist, no athletes foot or other fungus, nothing they could find. Did broad spectrum antibiotic and it ...

Can too much sugar cause skin rash?
Can too much sugar cause skin rash? I know there is skin rash in Asia, tht people call it diatez, similuar to Diabetes. But every time you eat something sugary, your skin gets red spots. When you limit your sugar it usually goes away.
Do you know anything about it? Does it happen to you?

Most Likely..

YEEEESSS I have had this since my hormones kicked in 5th grade.


Type of Foods That Can Also Cause Skin Rash or Irritation

Many commercial foods contain gluten, which is known to spur candida overgrowth. These include bread, pasta, cereal, milk, crackers and many other foods that have wheat or yeast in them. Wheat has the highest amount of gluten, which is a protein with a high glycemic index. The excess candida albicans in your system actually feed on and thrive on gluten. If you continue to eat foods that contain gluten, your skin rashes can potentially get worse.

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