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Can Blistex cause a cold sore?
It seems like every time I use Blistex a cold sore pops up? I know it seems crazy but it always happens! Is it possible that Blistex could cause a cold sore? I threw my Blistex away this time in case that it was my Blistex causing them.

Nancy White
Cold sores are the worst!! The Canker Spanker, has always worked super fast for my cold sores. I've always ordered it online, order it and keep it on hand, it's a life saver!

Hope you get better soon.

Skin Remedies
There is no cold sore home remedy that cures it 100%. It is a very persistent infection, similar to ringworm infection in that it reoccurs from time to time.

Unlike the ringworm infection, a Herpes Simplex Virus I causes cold sore. This virus lies dormant in the body until the conditions are favorable for it to reappear.

Cold sore is contagious and can be transmitted by direct contact. What causes it to appear, could be for example an ongoing cold. The cold suppresses the immune system and creates a chance for the virus to attack again. It can show up on the lips, nose, chin.

Cold sore (fever blister) can be prevented by eating foods that contain amino acid lysine (soybean, spinach).

It is important to realize the sore is about to appear, because that is the time home remedies for cold sore can help prevent it from spreading.

One of the things that announce it is the tingling sensation on the lips. It is a sure sign it is coming. Then, the little blisters appear. They look like little raised spots on the lips.

Some of the best natural home remedies include the application of, usually by Q tip where you dab the spot:

- Aloe Vera gel is good to treat it
- Tooth paste applied in a thin layer over the spot alternating with rubbing alcohol
- Listerine
- Garlic: Peel the clove and cut it in half. Rub the spot every 10 minutes or so
- Nail polish remover gives very good results. Make sure you don't overuse it, as it can cause damage to the skin.

Keep your lips moisturized using a lip balm and once the sore has appeared, do not peel the scab. It is tempting as it is so annoying to look at, but try not to. Once blood appears, it is a sign the infection is going away.
Hope this helps!

cold sores are a form of herpes
so not that i know of, no it cant

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