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 Limes and acne...........?
So I found out that lemon/limes actually help acne. And so I apply lime juice onto my face before I go to bed as a toner. When I apply it to my face, it stings for like the first 2mins then it goes ...

 Red bumps all over body?
Well I first noticed it on my stomach, these red bumps that look like mosquito bites but don't itch, but recently I noticed the bumps have spread all over my chest and arms. I'm almost ...

 Tiny colorless bumps on chest?
Hi, I get these really tiny colorless bumps on my chest (and less often on my forhead). I thought they were acne at first but when I "pop" one, a small solid white-ish (almost translucent) ...

 Should I be concerned about this black mole?
In this picture you can see it compared to a couple of my other normal light brown moles. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about it or not.. I&#...

 Red bump on my eyebrow?
I have a small red bump on my right eyebrow. When I touch it, it feel soft. So what is the bump and how can I make it disappear?...

 ACNE routine?? please help!?
hey guys i have like INSANE acne. Its the worst thing in the world.
My mom just bought me 3 Neutrogena "Acne Stress Control" products....the "Power-Cream Wash", the "P...

 Aloe vera, skin darkening?
got sunburnt today and I applied aloe vera. after 1 hour, the gel turned darker (almost black) in certain parts of my skin. does that mean that its working? (I used real aloe vera gel)


 Can someone tell me which aloe vera is best for purple spots?
So I done a bit of research on home remedies for the treatment of purple spots and found this method and I want to give it a try. However, there are many gel/cream products on the web and I don'...

 I hve sensitive skin and my sweatpants gave me a rash. How do I get rid of it?
One night it was about 500 below zero so I put on my dads sweatpants (mine were in the laundry). When I woke up I had a redish dotty rash right above my right knee. It is isn't bumpy or anything,...

 what is frostbite? is it dangerous?

 If you get a yeast infection will it go away with out meds?
What can you do if you get a miner yeast infection and you cant aford ...

 How can I ged rid of blackheads?
I don't have much acne but I have a lot of blackheads. How can I get rid of them?...

 Steam shower burn on skin. Please help?
Today I was in the steam shower. I heard that rubbing a towel in circular motion on your skin could open up clogged pores so I did that for about ten minutes. After I washed my face with cold water, I...

 Do I have an ingrown hair?
I found a bump on the back left side of my neck today. I had my mom take a look at it and she said it looked like an ingrown hair. It is red and feels like its just under the skin. It doesn't ...

 i have a round bump shaped like a mole, getting bigger on upper arm, does not hurt. what could it be?

 How to get rid of verrucas?
I have had what i believe is a verucca on my foot for at least two years now and nothing will make it go! I have froze it 2 or 3 times and it isnt hasnt spread but i am so embarrassed of it I just ...

 What on earth is going on with my skin?

I have been having really weird skin lately. It feels really really 'tingly' and itchy whenever I sit down/stretch and sometimes just randomly. I am a little overweigh and ...

 how big is the hole after piercing your ear?
how big is the hole after piercing your ear and is it ...

 My son has a raw spreading rash on the neck that takes away skin color....?
...Dr. says eczema but doesn't stop. What to do?
My son began to get a red rash on his neck at about or past one month of age. It spread very quickly with bumps that have a pin-point hole ...

 skin is much too oily..what is wrong?
i know lots of people have oily skin. but mine is way over the top. i will wash my face or take a shower or whatever...and 3 hours later i will just feel the grease and wetness on my forehead or face....

Austin J
Bug bites, lip swollen, what coudl this be?
I've been getting these bug bite looking bumps on my body. I know they aren't bug bites, because when I scratch them, they spread and even grow bigger, look like welts kind of and they only appear when i'm very tired and about to go to bed. They seem to only appear on my torso, arms and once on my forehead.

My lips also swell up sometimes.. Only twice, though. (though the second time much more worse). It starts out with this kind of burning sensation in my lip, makes me want to bite down on it or rub it. When I do, that's when it swells up.

I have no health insurance, since my parents took me off of theres (god knows why). So going to the doctor is not an option.

What could this be? I thought it was an allergic reaction, but idk anymore... i'm a little bit scared.

its probably an allergic reaction. your body may be more sensitive to the poison of whatever bit you.

It really does sound like an allergic reaction. Try an over-the-counter antihistamine like Benadryl and see if it helps. (Warning: it will make you drowsy, so plan accordingly.)
It is your parents' responsibility to look after your health. Insurance or not, they need to see that you're taken care of (unless you're over 18, but even then they could carry you on their plan, and they certainly shouldn't stop caring about your well-being).

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