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 Acne problem, please help : (?
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Why creams/Melicent should I buy for my skin to not be so red?...

After handling insulation and I started noticing my skin was irritated with little red bumps.?
How can I treat this? Do I need to go to the hospital?

Answerer 7
The rash is likely an allergic reaction. Just clean it with soap and water and wait. Time will help heal it. Next time, wear gloves nd use a mask though :-)

Answerer 6
As the others have said, it is the fiberglass that is bothering you. In case you aren't aware, be very careful not to breathe in fiberglass, as it can cause damage to your lungs.

Answerer 5
It's reaction to the fiberglass. If it's an allergic reaction, take an antihistamine. But you've actually gotten little bit of glass in your skin, so wash thoroughly.

Next time wear long sleeves and gloves.

Answerer 4
Its from the fiber glass in the insulation. It will go away once you get it washed off and the irritation goes away.

Answerer 3
wash up good
its fiber glass stuff from the insulation,no problems,just wash good

Answerer 2
1st shower as hot as you can take it
2nd lather up everywhere you have a rash with shaving cream
3rd shower again as cold as you can take it, that will work

Answerer 1
ahhhh fiber glass.......take a nylon stocking and rub it on your skin it helps pull the fiber out.......i hope this helps

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