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Fancy Mc Pants
2nd degree sunburn, swelling so bad cant walk!?
Well i went fishing on the beach for about 9 hours 4 days ago, i forgot my sunscreen. My legs got so extremely burn, 2nd degree from what I can tell.

My legs are extremely red/pink, my legs and feet have swollen to about 2x their normal size. I am unable to walk or even let my legs hang in the perpendicular position because the pressure in my leg feels so extreme like blood vessels are about to burst. The actual sunburn pain has been getting better, but the swelling has not gone down and I am unable to walk.

My job (i work in retail) is thinkin about firing me since I have been unable to come to work. I have no idea what to do, i've been taking 2 advil and 2 tylenol to manage the pain but it doesnt help much. How long will this last? What can I do to be able to get back on my feet again, vinegar, aloe, cold bath, vitamin E arent seeming to do anything.


If you have a family Doctor you could go to him and get a Doctor's letter saying you can't work because of the burn. Your parents must have a Doctor, or there must be a clinic nearby that you could go to.

First-degree burns cause only mild swelling, while second-degree burns produce moderate swelling. Third-degree burns cause severe swelling, and fourth-degree burns cause no swelling.

Understand that first-degree burns require three to five days to heal, second-degree burns take two to six weeks to heal, and third- and fourth-degree burns take many weeks to months to heal.



Jellybean had her little bean
You need to take something for the swelling (although I'm sure the pain is hard to deal with too) I've always taken Benadryl for anything I've had swollen. Wouldn't hurt to try it. Feel better!

You really need to see a Dr.
are go to emergency room

I think your problem is not due to sunburn solely.there may be another problem.The sunburns are always first degree burns with pain but not such sever swelling that you describe here.See a DR.But elevation of the legs at night maybe a choice and wearing of a varice stocks can help you.

Karen M
I think that you should go to the DR. that sounds kinda serious... and even if its not something serious, at least the Dr will be able to give you something to get the swelling to go down...good luck

Burns are not classified by "swelling". A first degree burn is like a sunburn, red dry skin, the epidermis is burned. A second degree burn produces blisters and is a deeper burn. A third degree burn burns into the dermis layer of skin and usually has a white appearance. Sometimes a burn is labeled fourth degree, it burns through the skin into the muscle and is black and charred. I would be more inclined to think you have sun poisoning.

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