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cathy r
what prevents your toes getting blisters when wearing flip flops?
i seem to always get blisters between my toes, why? this only occured once and since then i have avoided flip flops, it is definatly not athletes foot.

blue dolphin
Scholl make a product called party feet, available at the larger Boots stores, one of them is specially designed to go between your toes for flip flops. You can also buy them here http://www.sockshop.co.uk/products/scholl_party_feet_invisible_gel_toe_post_cushions/index Or this is another design for the same thing http://www.sockshop.co.uk/products/scholl_party_feet_invisible_gel_flip_flop_strips/index I had the same problem with flip flops giving me blisters between my toes and being really uncomfortable, if you don't want to get the items mentioned above, then whuy not seek out the flip flops that have a canvas toe post, i find those the most comfortable. This is the type i mean http://www.millets.co.uk/product/083456.html I can wear those all day.

Its pretty uncommon to get blisters in between the toes from wearing flip flops- the most common sites are the pads of the feet, the sides of the feet, and/or the heel. I would google athletes foot and see if that might not be the case. Athletes foot is a very common infection- not the gross sweaty gym locker disease most people think. The most common signs and symptoms are itchy blisters, cracking and peeling skin, especially between your toes and on the soles of your feet and excessive dryness of the skin on the bottoms or sides of the feet. Athletes foot can be caused by not properly drying your feet after washing, wearing socks that are damp from sweat, or by walking around barefoot, picking up someone elses infection. If you are sure that this is not the case, I would highly recommend the brand FLO-JOS. They are made from a smooth fabric material that feels great against the skin. I have walked MILES in these flip flops with no irritation whatsoever. If you cant find this brand, avoid anything that is made from plastic or rubber- these types of flip flops are almost guaranteed to give you blisters

Buy the flip flops without the toe band. They are just as good, I have a pair.

u can buy blister plasters specially for between the toes to protect them i think made by compeed check in yr local pharmacy or anywhere that sells footcare products like boots, superdrug.

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