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 Can I take Excedrin or a Tylenol on these medications?
I'm taking Hydromet Syrup, Clarithromycin, and MucinexDM. I've had a fever ranging from 101.5-102.3 for the past 18 hours and a severe migraine. I called the clinic around 8 this morning, ...

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 ear infection still hurts?
my doctor said to take the antibiotics, and hydrocortisone ear drops for ten days. The hydroscortisone is gone and the antibiotics are nearly gone, it's going on 2 1/2 weeks and my ear is still ...

 is it a cold sore....?
This morning i woke up and i have this spot on my lip. It is kinda white and soft and maybe a blister but im not sure. I do get cold sores, not very often. One a year if even but when they appear ...

 Is back pain bad for teenagers?
I'm 15 and I know it's bad to lift heavy objects when your young, but I lifted 9 hay bails and I think it did something to my back. It's been present for about a month now and my dad ...

 Everything in my body aches?
Everything in my body aches as if I ran a marathon, worked out for 4 hours and swam all day yesterday.. However I did nothing of that and I was fine when I went to bed.. But then I woke up and I ...

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Its like a shock twinge down both my legs that makes them jump and twitch.... why does it only do it when im trying to go to bed? and how do i make it stop?...

 What's wrong with my wrists?
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 Is it a problem if i never go outside?
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 how to get rid of a terrible head ache?
i have a head ache that wont go away any ideas on how i can get rid of it??...

 What can a 14 yr old girl expect at a physical exam? ?
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 Why is it when a adult gets Hurt they get alot of pain?
Like I'm 15 right and I fell and I got back up and I saw like a 30 year old man fall the same way and he couldn't get back ...

 how do i make a burn heal fast or at least get a scab on it?
ok, i was curling my hair and i dropped the iron on my arm (right on the inside of my elbow) and it made a huge burn, its all dark red and sticky and bumpy. ive had it for a couple days, and it hurts ...

 What could be the cause of crackling in your ear if you have had it checked and Doctors say nothing is wrong?

 Hydrogen peroxide cures chapped lips?
I read online that putting hydrogen peroxide is a guarranteef way to get rid of chapped lips. Does this sound safe? Has anyone tried it?...

 Can not eating enough cause head aches?

 My throat feels swollen, please give me some advice?
Today my throat feels swollen. It doesn't hurt normally, but just feels kind of swollen or tight. It is harder to swallow. I also caugh a bit. Not that much, but a little every know and then and ...

 Sharp left back pain?
When I woke up this morning I had sharp left back pain also sharp pain when takeing a deep breath and hurts to raise left arm. Could it be a pulled or twisted muscle? Please help!!!...

 It hurts when i breathe!?
Whenever i breath in or let too much out it feels like knives or something is stabbing my Left lung >.< itusually only happens every once in a while and goas away after a minute or too but now ...

Slim Shady
how do you get rid of foot cramps?
I have a lot of foot cramps i was wondering if anybody knew how to get rid of them keep them away, and what causes them.

Well improper soles can be a reason, but the thing i would suggest most is try walking bare foot whenever you are just around the house. It helped me when i had pain in my feet.

Foot cramps are not only because you may lack exercise. Everyone gets them even athletes. It's a normal thing and it can easily be ridden of by following these steps! Just stand up, what ever foot is cramped just step toward with that foot and just press it against the ground and lean foward. No doubt easiest way, hope this helped.

•The leg or the foot region with cramp should be moved in a direction opposite to the cramp to relive the undue stretch on the muscle. To relieve the cramp in the toes, they should be turned upwards. If the muscle spasm is in the calf region, "forced dorsiflexion of foot" relieves the muscle contraction and pain within seconds. Here, dorsiflexion means elevating the fore-foot keeping the heel stable. •Prescribed pain-killers can take care of the pain if severe. •Applying ice packs to the affected region helps in acute cases. However if the cramp persists for more than a day, warm water is recommended to reduce the muscle soreness. •Affected area should be given adequate rest and an elastic bandage is used for compression that would promote quick healing. •Massaging the cramped portion with ointment or massage oil helps reduce the muscle fatigue. •Adequate supplements with professional medical advice is a must to correct the electrolyte and nutritional deficiencies What are the causes of foot cramps? •Sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity and muscle weakness •Flat feet or hyper flexible joints •Injury caused by repetitive motion •Lack of muscle strengthening exercise •Sudden increase in the intensity of workouts increases the pressure on foot •Increased breathing during cardio exercises cause lower availability of calcium in blood •Poor blood circulation and hence lower supply of oxygen in the blood as seen in alcoholics and smokers •Electrolyte imbalance pertaining to low calcium and potassium levels as well as high magnesium levels are related to spasms. Potassium imbalance disturbs the magnesium and calcium metabolism necessary for normal muscle contraction •Vitamin D deficiency •Inadequate hydration causes depletion of body fluids leading to cramps •Hormonal imbalance can cause muscle cramping •Foot problems like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis •Old worn-out footwear •Diseases like Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis, illnesses of the nervous system, diabetes, tetanus and thyroid problems can also cause cramps.

Best way to get rid of foot cramps is to walk it out. Sometimes if your feet stays in one position for a long period of time, it'll cramp and even cause a charly horse in your calves.

Squeaky Wheeler
Stretch feet, have good shoes, dont be over wt.

If you spend a lot of time sitting and not very much walking and standing, you can get cramps in your feet. Solution: Walk around the block a few times a week.

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