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 Question Aboout Herpes/HPV Wart?
if you have chapped skin and if accidently if the dead skin cell or if the loose skin from ur lip goes inside ur eye by accident, would u get herpes in ur eye?? but i did go to the local health dept ...

 can anyone tell me how herpes is NOT passed on, aside from abstinance?

 Question about an std side effects!?
is there an STD that can hit a man with side effects over night. like staying in bed all day,being tired and fever! any help would be appreciated!...

 Is it possible to still be a nurse if you have herpes simplex virus-1?

 Donating plasma and HPV?
I was told by my gyno that I have HPV or mild displasia...I'm getting the vaccine..and she said my immune system will heal it most likely...but I was wondering if it was a good idea to donate ...

 Is it possible for the immune system to fight off herpes completely?

 How do I know if I have Chlamydia?
What exactly is Chlamydia? What are the signs? What will happen if you do have it? And is it curable? If so, how?...

 weird symptoms..never had this happen before..?
for the past week or two i`ve been having a difficultly breathing (breathing slightly faster, feeling like i`m not getting enough oxygen, and taking deep breaths almost every 5 minutes.) i`ve also ...

 omg help me quick please!?
ZOMG today my face fell off

i am scared to death and dont know how to reattach it

PLZ help ...

 Risk of catching HIV,HEP C from blood lancet?
Risk of catching HIV,HEP C from blood lancet?
I used my grandads blood testing kit the other day to check my blood glucose levels.

He had to test himself so he went first! I then also ...

 What is the legal age to obtain std medicine in oklahoma?
I'm 16 and i can't let my parents know i have an std if at all possible. can i get get checked and get medicine alone?...

 herpes outbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if i am on no meds will my girl catch the virus or there still a chance that she want get ...

 Can you get a STD from sharing a drink with someone who has sores?
and how if you can, how great is the risk?...

 can we still catch something?
my partner and I are both clean and have no STDs, but we were wondering if we could still catch something if we're monogamous and are each others first....

 What are the symptoms of HPV (human papillomavirus)?
I have a project on this and I cant find the symptoms, can someone please help me?...

 Herpes simplex?
If u have that in the eye would you say it is because you have herpes please help I am freaking ...

 Is tampons safe to use if you have herpes and if you are having a herpes outbreak?
I just want to keep myself clean and ...

 How do you get herpes?
Is it only hereditary...or is it an std also...how do u get it..?...

 do people have to get an hiv test when they go for a pap smear?

 Question about AIDS in South Africa?
What is the impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African Society?

What is the impact on HIV/AIDS on an infected person?

What is the impact of HIV/AIDS on the person's family?

can you get std's from bj's?
like if you know that the girl that is giving you one
has no stds can you still get std's from getting allot of
bj's from different chicks??

you can also get syphilis. be careful!

I know huh!
yup if any of them girls has an std she can give it to you through her saliva!

You can get HPV from BJ's as well. The chick could get them on her tongue from another guy and give them to you.

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