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What does an HIV test result mean if it is "normal"?
22 y/o female in Virginia. Taken advantage of during a night of drinking about 9 months ago. I got tested for HIV at 4 1/2 months and 6 months with an HIV 1/2 AB test. All negative. Confronted co-worker about him taking advantage of me. He showed me his HIV test results. It was mailed in by a Patient First (is that even common??) and his results said "HIV normal". What does that mean??!!

I'm still paranoid. I got Tonsillitis (something I've never heard of) 8 months post exposure. I've been feeling out of it, my bruises look different (but I'm also very fair-skinned), and I've been sick to my stomach. I even got a CBC, everything normal.

Should I just move on?? And what does HIV Normal mean?? Thank you!

That means negative.

How evil can I be
Honestly my advice to you is to not think about it.

You are showing symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can take over your life.

To answer your question normal means negative because its normal to be negative lol

Look at it this way..even if he was positive..its nothing to concern you because you tested negative

"Normal" means just that - normal. I've never heard that phrasing before, but I can't imagine that anyone would use the word "normal" in a medical situation to indicate something that is abnormal - in this case an HIV infection.

You've never heard of tonsillitis? It's only one of the most common infections ever. You're psyching yourself out, hon. Calm down. No wonder you're sick to your stomach, you're a ball of anxiety.

What about your bruises are different? Just curious, because HIV isn't going to make your bruises look different after 9 months. It's not a blood clotting disorder.

If you're still freaking out, just go and get another test.

And while you're at it, you may want to talk to someone about your rape. That's what it's called - it's RAPE, and it's affecting you, and you need to cope with it.

If you are ever in a situation like that again, you need - for your own sake and the sake of possible future victims - to call the police and go to an ER immediately. They can give you medicine to keep you from contracting things like HIV.

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