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 how much does the US spend on aids research per year?
Also how much is NASA's yearly budget? Or in 2010?
source ...

 What STD tests should I take?
I'm not having any visible signs or any other indications of having an STD, I would just like to be responsible. I am a male and have only been with women. What tests should I get? Are these ...

 Can anyone answer a question about planned parenthood?
I want to go there to get treated but I am not sure how much they will charge me. I work part time on weekends and get paid minimum wage so when I was 17 I was able to get seen by the gyno for free ...

 Does anyone know when you go to a STD clinic, can you get a evidence sheet that you can show someone u r safe?
one with probably the doctors signature or something or some evidence the person did a check up
thanks guys......

 Could i have gotton hiv from this?
A few days ago i cut my thumb i think i might have just cut a layer of skin. I took the band aid off after about 2 or 3 days. My friend who has aids used the bathroom they didnt wash their hands. I ...

ok this just happend today,when i pee it takes a minute for it to come out for some reason,anyway i went a didnt feel i emptied all the way,i felt like this for quite some time now and my lower back ...

 My girlfriend has a yeasty smell down below ...?
and I gave her oral, but now when I burp I burp a yeasty smell, does this mean i have an STI?...

 Why do gay people have a higher risk of AIDS and other STD?

 Miss Pepperbeast, I was digonise two times with anxiety and I am taking medicine too. But i have all symptoms?
of HIV...

 is having bigger facial lips correlates with having bigger labia?

 Im getting paranoid HIV?
I let a girl that i suspect HIV drink from a bottle of water of mine, i have an open sore in my mouth and rank the water, HIV infection there?...

 How long does it take for Gonorrhea to Kill you?
I hear you'll go blind first and then die....

 I think I'm positive!?
I've been dating this guy for about 3 months. I made him wait til we became intimate. Last time I was test for STD's was in September and everything came back negative. Before we became ...

 Strep throat vs herpes?
I have these little white things on my tonsils, and my throat has been hurting on & off, my mom says it looks like I have strep throat. Does herpes make your throat hurt?...

 Dyplasia and HPV type 16 - how many months/years to develop to cancer?
i got diagnosed with "light/mild "dyplasia after having smear test. i also tested positive for HPV type 16. the smear test was done at the beginning of April 2010 and i'm worried how ...

 Can aids be passed through saliva?
Because a girl with aids spat at my mate in her mouth. Does my mate have aids now?...

 can a pregnant woman who carries the HPV virus spread it to her unborn child?

 Can you get HIV from possible contaminated food...?
This afternoon I had a pasta dish in the hotel I am staying at. After a few bites I chewed on a piece of metal looking almost like the ones dentists used many years ago in ones teeth. Immediately I ...

 How is HIV/AIDS treated in Sub-Saharan Africa?
I'm doing a biology case study for school about HIV/AIDS and am doing a section on how HIV/AIDS is treated in Sub-Saharan Africa.
I'd like to know what the general treatments are ...

 Why do pickles have warts?

Kelly Krisna
Is there a way to tell if someone has an STD from looking at them?
Is their a way to tell if a guy has an STD from looking at him?

Most of the time, there are no symptoms, so you can't tell if someone has an STD just by looking at them. The only way to find out if someone has an STD is for them to get tested. It is always appropriate to ask your partner to get tested.

You can not tell if someone has an STD just by looking unless they have visible symptoms. A lot of the time people have no symptoms. Psychics are frauds!

Of course you can't.

HIV, herpes, HPV, hepatitis, syphilis, chlamydia, can all be silent (and sometimes fatal) diseases that are only discovered by medical testing--NOT by fortune tellers.

Use a condom.

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