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How long is it possible to carry an STD without any symptoms?


Leigh O
Some don't have any noticeable symptoms that would prompt a visit to the doctor. That is why they spread so rapidly. People are carrying them without even knowing it!!

depends on what std.. syphilis in the latent stage can have no symptoms for a year but can be "silently" damaging your internal organs, if you think you have a std you should get checked out.

you could go years without symptoms

Some symptoms don't ever show, just see the doctor to be sure.

years if not treated you can carry it indefinatly but sooner or later you will get symptoms. Men can be carriers and never get symptoms us women are the lucky ones to notice and get both parties treated

It depends on the STD

you can have "dormant" hiv cells for up to 10 years without symptoms.
Same with aids. Other things such as gonnheria and syliphis can take up to two weeks and herpes and crabs few days after the incident. The best thing for you to do is get tested immediately hiv testing is free and you dont have to have parental permission. Other test cost around 20-50 dollars.

Mo Fayed
You could have syphilis undetected for decades once the rash has gone from the 'secondary' stage. Aids can sit in your body untreated for a dozen years without showing symptoms. Gonorrhea can infect a woman and show no symptoms.

Indefinite. Chlamydia displays no particular symptoms.

there are no fact on limitation on any STD....most people are living with STD's and just don't know it ...i have a friend who has been passing STD test for Chlamydia for a while but just found out he really does have it and had been giving it 2 lots of people for a while without knowing

hiv 10 years

gabe t
forever, in fact with some you may never see actually symptoms of them

Um I heard for the rest of your lifetime. Its hard to tell on women.

years...some people never get symptoms...if u think u have an std, u should go get checked out asap!

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