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How do I tell my husband I gave him STD's?
I've been cheating on my husband for months and the doctor says I now have syphilis (among other things) and if left untreated could cause serious health problems.
My husband has been having symptoms, too.
I'm secretly undergoing treatment, and I want to tell my husband but I want to in a way where it sounds like it's his fault.
I know I have to tell him fast because I might feel bad if he suffers some of the long term affects.
It's been almost a month.
I really need advise!

My name is...
Oh my god
you cheat on him
give him disease
you want him for money ?

thank god im not ur husband

WTF is wrong with you don't blame him tell him the truth. Its not like he can leave you; you 2 have the same SH!T

Wow so your using him for money? Then cheat on him and give him a nasty desiese? Wow i hope he divorces your a**.

John C
I cannot believe you want to blame this on him? If you were my wife, I would divorce you in a heartbeat! And take you for everything you have or ever will have! You are just nasty! Not only physically but emotionally too! You need more than treatment for STDs!

I dont know what you tell you. why would you even cheat!!!! if you didnt want to be with him why would you even be?? it dont make since you better tell him, its your fault take some personal responsibility!!!!

thats discusting to want him for money your two lazy to work!!! good god, your not beautiful if you act like that looks on the outside dont make crap!!! its wats in the inside, and you ugly as hell in the inside.

This might be hard to hear, but c'mon, youve already lied to him enough dont you think? Lying to him that its his fault wont help anything. Be easy on the guy, (im assuming) you're the unfaithful one in this relationship, so cut HIM some slack. IF you dont tell him your putting his life in danger, and i dont think you wnat that on your hands. do the smart thing just come clean and end it with the other guy.

Be honest for once in your relationship. Tell him the truth, what kind of person are you, you actually think that blaming it on your husband its going to avoid him finding out that you cheated on him?

He doesn't deserve you at all, tell him the truth, if you were brave enough to cheat on him and open your legs to another guy, be brave enough to tell him that you gave him STD's.

If you even once care about your husband you'll come clean, if not KARMA IS A *****!

You are a nasty nasty women just tell him the truth, don't blame him for shi*t that he didn't do just tell him you gave him STD and he need to go to the doctor to get treatment, and i hope he leaves ur lying cheating STA *** ur a nasty women i feel bad for him women like you give us good faithful women a bad name, if you have ever card about him tell him the truth and let it be over with. because if you dont his life is going to be in ur hands.

Dil Do
dont tell him hell get mad just play it off and when he finds that he has an std ask him if HE was sleeping around thats how its done

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