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 This isn't a question but more so an answer?
There is a book that would help many girls answer the questions about themselves. It's called "the V Book" by Elizabeth G Stewar, MD and Paula Spencer. This book should be read by ...

 inmates with aids stats?
I'm trying to find statistics on inmates with aids

I need to find the number of inmates with aids in 1990, 1995, and 2000. I've searched but can't find anything. Anyone ...

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 What can High Risk HPV do to males?
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 Is the free clinic really free?
is it ...

 Is it true?
Is it true that AIDS will become airborn one day?...

 What can that be?
When me and my now ex bf were french kissing I usually had a terrible sickness in my stomach. (cramps). Is that a sign of any STD or was I just allergic to his saliva. Im ...

 does anxiety of hiv cause hiv symptoms?

 if a person get infected yeah, wit the hiv virus can it be detected after 4 weeks using teh p24 or antibody?

 i recently take asked the doctor for a herpes test?
when the results came back "the hepatitis" came back negative. is there a relation b/w herpes and hepatitis....

 can two people who dont have herpes get it at the same time?
If neither person has herpes can they contract it from eachother?...

 Can std be spread by washing under clothes with the families?

 One dose of medicine for a STD,?
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 Where exactly can anal warts be?
your ****... (sigh) i know, but do they have to be around the hole or can they be just on the cheeks?...

 I need some help.....?
p24 is used to detact hiv-1 and hiv-2 early after 28 days ? how accurate is this some websites says 99..8% and it is done with the anibody ...

 I have a bad case of squirrels. How do I get rid of them?

 the doctor told me that i have gential warts but still took a pap smear test any does that mean i got it 4 sur

 What is a Neocon? I heard it was a desease.?
I really don't know what it is. Can someone help me?...

Do inmates get tested for stds and HIV?

That depends on the particular prison they are in.

Some medical staff offer testing, and others don't. Some have public health workers, like myself, come in and do HIV and Hep C testing, but will do STD themselves.

U mean like regularly? No. Work in a prison though, and can pretty much tell u that most have something, alot have the "package" which is hepatitis and aids/hiv and a few other things

Yes they do and they die in prison from it.

some do some do so dont it is mantary in prision only. t.b. tests are ?

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