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 Does aspiration pneumonia cause loss of appetite or is it unrelated?
Yesterday I was eating and I laughed, and I inhaled a piece of food (it was a Cheeto, by the way). My chest started hurting shortly after. I went to the ER for an unrelated reason (sprained shoulder) ...

 I have cystic fibrosis and i would like to know my chances of having twins?
i heard somewhere that i would most likely have twins cause with the protein from the pills im on would make me produce more eggs. will you pleasee help me asap!!!! thank ...

 dose distteld water can be used in nebulizer jet..?

 what is it mean by extra pockets in the lung?
Does it mean that I have lung disease?...

 why do I gasp suddenly for no reason?
I gasp suddenly for no reason, anytime, day or night, I'm just standing or sitting there and I gasp involuntarily and then go on about my day like nothing happened. Sometimes when I hiccup I ...

 I like smoking cigarettes?
is it really that bad? Because it feels awesome, and I look awesome doing it. Why quit? Why would I want to live past 50 years old?...

 Harmless Smoking!!!?????????
Is there something i can smoke, that just makes smoke and is compeletly pointless?...

 Forgot what order to take my medication?
So I recently went to the doctors, he gave me like 4 bottles of pills 2 inhalers and a gas mask thing where you breathe w/e. I took my pills fine but I forgot when to take my inhalers, one is called ...

 When I smoke weed only one eye turns red & I cough a lot does that mean one side of my body is taking it in?
I noticed that When I smoke weed only one eye turns red & I cough a lot does that mean one side of my body is taking it in? Is that wierd?...

 help urgent i inhaled smarties?
it hurts really bad at first i was like omg i'm cool i am smoking smarties but then i was like ow man this hurts and it is hurting bad man ...

 What do I have? I feel sick?
Temp ranging from 99.3 to 100
Runny nose
Throat hurts
Head hurts
Cold an hot
I'm on my period if that help any.

Please ...

 Blood in my mucus and phelgm?
This morning I woke up and took a pee. I spit out some phlegm from my mouth to find that it was full of blood. I then blew my nose and blood came out as well.

Now I've seen light ...

 why do i get dizzy smoking?
lately when im smoking ive been getting dizzy, this has never happend before its just been lately, im not on any medication or anything?...

 i have a question about smoking....?
if i smoke and dont like inhale the smoke-just keep it in my mouth then blow out..do i have the same % chance of getting addicted or cancer as someone who swallows/inhales the smoke?

plus ...

 Which has more tobacco: a cigarette or a cigar?
its for school i cant find this anywhere!...

 why am i sneezing and coughing up blood?
My dad has been sick coughing up blood and in the past two days it seems ive gotten the same things only I am coughing AND sneezing blood. Its really painful to swallow too.

Please help?<...

 Would a nebulizer that was in a shed for 2 years be safe to use?
Having a hard time with asthma this year for some reason. Had an electric nebulizer in the shed but it wasn't wrapped in plastic anymore and the shed has a leaky roof so mold is a concern. The ...

 I have a viral chest infection is it contagious?
as i don t want to give it my 4 month old son, also whats the best remedies for it....

 Is it Laryngitis or something else?
About a week ago I had a fever and a sore throat....then about Saturday night, I started to loose my voice, now its monday morning and I have no voice, a slight fever (off and on) and a little ...

 How can i go to sleep with someone else snoring?
Okay, I have two separate beds in my room, just in case if someone needs one.
My dad has a horrible snoring problem,
His snoring is SUPER loud.

So for some reason, he has to ...

why hetrazan 100mg is prescribed for eosinophilia?
i have undergone a blood test and the eosinophilia count is found to be 9%.
ENT doctor prescribed me hetrazan 100mg tablets..later i came to know that hetrazan is diethyl carbamazine citrate and is anthelmentic...now i have a confusion that why hetrazan is prescribed for eosinophilia condition?

Hetrazan first came as anti-helmintic. Later, it was found to be useful in filariasis. Then it was found that it cures tropical eosinophilia. So, it has multiple uses. There is no confusion here.

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