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 how do I know if i have asthma?

 left side of the chest beating?
I was just wondering if the left side of your chest beating is normal. I dont mean when u put your hand on it and you can feel your heartbeat but the kind where you can see the left side of the chest ...

 Why am i having trouble breathing?
I have been an astmatic for almost 10 years now, so i feel like i have a good understanding of my breathing patterns. I had free usage of my inhaler when i was 9. Unfortuantly, my parnets made a ...

 oxygen mask?
im obsessed with masks. i have a gas mask. and oxygen mask. someone help me. im a girl and i wonder around wearing a mask sometimes. HELP!...

 non dialation of lungs passage?
at the time of general checkup of heart, the doctors talked of 'lungs ----(pasage) is not dialated amongst themselves.they asked me if i have any problem in breathing. since it was summers and i ...

 how long after exposure to burning plastic is it harmful?how long do symptoms last?

 How long does one live when Dx. with ALS?
patient has difficulty eating and breathing already, is this the end stage. very weak as ...

 how do i know if i have thyroid?
well for about the past month i have been having anxiety and panic attacks been to 11 doctors and got chest xrays for shortness of breath and breathing test and blood taken from the wrist to check my ...

 antiparkinson medicine pramiprex?
antiparkinson ...

 So sick, what is it?
I have been sick since Saturday morning. It started with a dry cough, then in a few days i had a stuffy/runny nose. I have no fever. I am very, very very tired. My cough is the most prominent symptom,...

 asthma medication...?
I've had asthma for awhile and just got re-diagonosed with severe asthma. I'm now taking advair and singulair as well as my albuterol. They have helped some but still not completley cured. D...

 does drinking cold water cause pneumonia?

 i have trouble breathing when the weather is really hot/humid/hazy .. do i have asthma?
only when it gets humid out i have to take longer and deeper breaths other than that i can breathe ...

 What is hypertension of the lungs?
Ron's lung dr. says this is causing him to retain fluid around the lungs and hard for him to breathe. the hypertension is inside his lungs. The medication he is taking is Tracleer which cost $240...

 can i take sudafed and air born together?

 what is genetic muscular dystrophy?

 Since there is some resistance to drugs exhibited by tuberculosis what are some of the treatments recommended?

 my chest has been burning. what could it be?
its in my upper back area.i took tums and nothing then I took zantac & it hasnt helped....

hiya i am really ill at the minute. i had a really dry cough yesterday and i only could consume 613 kcals... my throat seems to want to close up. i have been really tired too... This morning when i ...

 testing a volcano digit vaporizer?
I am interested in first reviews of the new digital volcano device....

why does PCO2 (partial carbon dioxide) decrease during hyperventilation?

Put simply- Hyper= too much or too fast ventilation= breathing When you breathe too fast you are exhaling more than normal therefore the PCO2 or PaCO2 decreases.

You are exhaling carbon dioxide very rapidly, causing it to drop. It also cause your body to be in a state called respiratory alkalosis. That's why the solution is breathing through a rebreathing bag.

The partial pressure of CO2 decreases during hyperventilation because you are exhaling all of it. That's why - to treat hyperventilation - we make someone breathe into a paper bag. This causes them to rebreathe the CO2 so levels go back up.

bec of rapid breathing or overbreathing we inhale much CO2 so the body compensates by decreasing PCO2 level in the body..

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