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 Is it true that chihuahuas are good for children with asthma?

 what does a pulmonology doctor do?

 i have pnumonia in right lung and also sarcoidosis. should i take suboxone?

 statistically what are the chances of dying from the bird flu in the next five years?

 this question is on fibro and sarcoidosis?
i have fibro and it was told to me to use q-10 was one thing and then i was told about oxygenol which is good for fibro and .also a product called pycnogenol also a product called melaleuca my ...

 What's the difference between Flonase and Nasonex?

 Could nebulized Botox help control asthma symptoms?

 Do you find that Prednisone helps--when nothing else will?
I've spent the last couple of years on it and my Pulm Doc is trying to wean me off of it. I'm down to 7.5 mgs for the next three months. What has your experience on Prednisone been like?...

 Does anyone have any information about bronchiectasis?

 What distance can airborne mining dust travel from a gravel mine operation?

 why the patient cough during earosol therapy with bronchodilator and saline?

 Why cant I breathe through both my nostrils?
Last year in August I cought a cold were I wasnt able to breathe through both my nostrils, and its almost been a year since then and I still cant breathe through both my nostrils... I dont know what ...

 was asbestos used as a H.V.A.C. duct rap in residential homes ?
The rap around my discharge air duct looks like an asbestos type of rapping.My home was built in the 1950's....

 What is the main cause of Pulmonary Fibrosis?
Is it likely that breathing will become a problem and not get any better? Can it cause heart attacks?...

 i have sarcoidosis which is a lung problem?
i would like to know if anyone out there has sarcoidosis.its kicked in big time and my dr. says there is nothing he can do for me.i would like to know what your dr. does for you if anything.i was ...

 Cystic Fibrosis?
Is anyone else involved with someone with cystic fibrosis? If so then e-mail me at porkchop_...

 Are you aware lung endometriosis is a rare GYN disease? It can lead to Catamenial Pneumothorax=lung collapse.
The disease has several names, extrapelvic, pulmonary and thoracic endometriosis....

 What can cause numbness in toes?
I just started taking Niacin, 1200mg Fish Oil and a diabetic vitamin daily in addition to my inhalers, hypertension meds, etc. I am also currently on a Prednisone regime where my blood sugar is ...

 Given the same drug, why would the onset time be different for a COPD pt. and an asthma pt?

 While searching for a job they asked me if I has any DME experience. What does this mean?
They sell and lease health equipment, for example nebulizers....

where i can buy a travel nebulizer machine in orlado, fl.?
this is for asthma treatment

I bought an excellent one on EBAY.

you can plug it into an outlet, plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car, or use the rechargeable battery on it. It is compact and I just love it. Shipping, Handling and all I think I paid about 80 something dollars for it.

it is

BESTMED--- Poly Green
Compressor Nebulizer System Model KN-9321

Distributed by BESTMED
331 Corporate Circle Unit E
Golden, Colorado 80401

*I take mine to work with me and when I travel

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