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when i cough i get pains in my chest, all round my rib cage, does anyone know why this happens?
i have had a bad cough for nearly 2 weeks now, but today when i have been coughing its causing pain to my chest area and some of my back, where my ribs are, does nayone know why this happens?
thanks x

joe c
Yes. Its because you have got the same bug as everyone else in the country. (including me)

cally l
I always recommend to put a towel around your ribs when you have a harsh cough it helps supports the muscle's

It sounds like you''re cough or infection has turned worse, and you would need some kind of anti-biotics to get better.
Sounds like a case of severe bronchtis, but it's best to have yourself checked out by a doctor.

Phil A
Like as not you've pulled your intercostal musels, basically you've pulled the mmusclesbetween your ribs when coughing. If your not allergic to, or asthmatic try taking Ibuprofen or any other Non-steriodial pain killer. These can be taking with paracetamol and should help you feel a bit better.Phil

jackie m
Because you are straining your chest muscles

It is due to muscle strain. It might be worth seeing a physician for advice on how to relieve that cough...

you may have pleurisy or chest infection go to your doctors asap

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