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what happens when a person has a 2.6 hemoglobin level?
my Mothers' hemoglobin level has dropped from 9.0 to 2.6 in a matter of 4 days . I am trying to find out just what would be her state of mind and how what condition would she be in at this point.

my husband went to thehospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. They did some blood work and his blood count was down to 6. They would not release him without doing a transfusion first. (or they would not be responsible if he died if we left)He stayed for the transfusion (recieved three total). He has several other health problems besides this. But he was very tired all the time. Falling asleep on the job! He is on several different medications, but his blood level seems to be staying at a normal level now.

when's my next vacation???
I couldn't really speculate on her condition but she needs a transfusion to replace the blood she lost. If she's had a lot of bleeding she might have an alterred mental status and be confused or unconscious. but she might also still be alert and oriented.

need to find out immediately why???? she is probably bleeding from somewhere and it is imperative to find out from where.

If it dropped that much in 4 days she may well go into physiological shock. No doubt she is in hospital and is receiving treatment. If not then her blood loss will continue and will soon prove fatal. I have seen a haemoglobin of 2.1 before, but they got there slowly (over many months, and so adjusted a bit). They were still fainting though when we saw them in hospital. Your mother may be quite severely affected by the sudden drop, and will be disoriented and groggy until it comes up a bit. I hope she has had a few units of red blood cells.

golden oldy
Very poor condition. She needs an immediate transfusion. Her metal status is more than likely altered because at this point her brain isn't getting the oxygen it needs, nor is any other part of her body. This can lead to total organ shut down, thus death, in a short amount of time. She has a bleed somewhere. This also needs to be dealt with.

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