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 When you have asthma, does your chest hurt?

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 does sudafed stop synus?

 Help! Urgent! What good anti-biotic medicines for burning throat are OTC and can be bought at Walgreen?
Help! Urgent! What good anti-biotic medicines for burning throat are OTC and can be bought at Walgreen?

Hi all,

I just burned my throat. I ordered some food and I ate too fast ...

 what do I do?
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 if nasal is your nose and oral is your mouth..what is your ear?

what can i do about a pharmacist refusing to give me my medication refill and also refuses to transfer it.?
I've been going to the same pharmacy for a few years now, and one day I went in there to get a refill like I've done many times before, and all of a sudden he asked me to leave his pharmacy, that i'm not worth the trouble,it was just unprofessional.So i just thought he was having a bad day. So I left and went back another day and everything was fine. He continued to fill my prescriptions,until about a month ago he started again same as before so i guess everyone is entitled to a bad day every once in a while so I called it in before I went back and he just hung up the phone after he said that he does not have time for me on me so i went up there and he refused to give me my medication i have asthma and it my rescue inhaler he's refusing to give me and any other medication i have refills on so i figured no problem i'll have them transferred no such luck he's refusing to do that as well. what can i do?

Report this guy - he has absolutely no right to act the way he has been! Most pharmacy's have a pharmacy standards board which you can call up. Explain whats been happening. Pharmacists are not allowed to behave like this unless they have a genuine reason for not being able to fill your scripts - you aslo have the right to know WHY he doesnt want to fill your medication. If this is too much trouble you could just go back to the doctor and get a new asthma medication

go some place else, your doctor is the only one who can call a script in to another pharmacy.

john n
Pharmacists are members of a professional order that have certain ethical standards that pharmacists must adhere to. You can file a complaint against your pharmacist with the Order of Pharmacists.

the man not giving your medication can risk your life! if it is social, the man has NO right to do this? March into the store and ask him wh he is doing this. If he does not answer, he could be risking your life. You should contact the pharmacy's manager immediately. THIS MAN CANNOT DO THIS TO YOU. IF THE MANAGER DOES NOT ANSWER, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SUE THE PHARMACY!

Nurse Practitioner 33 years
WOW! For asthma medication, I've never heard of such behavior. Contact your physician and get a new prescription. That takes care of you, but I'm not sure what can be done about the pharmacist. Your state must have a registry or licensing section for pharmacists... I'd start there. Good luck.

If you have a prescription for a CFC Albuterol inhaler, than you'll need a new script for an HFA inhaler. Normally, most pharmacists will just tell you that you need a new script.
In my state, it is against the law to refuse to transfer a prescription, once it has been asked for by another pharmacy.

Yeah... I've never heard of such rude and unprofessional behavior from a pharmacist before. I could understand if you were bugging him for narcotics or something like that (but still, if they were due, he should fill them without a fuss)...but breathing medication? That's ridiculous !!

I would definitely check with your states Pharmacy Licensing Board and follow their advise...

I have COPD and use oxygen along with 3 types of inhaled medication and have never been treated that way in ANY pharmacy....

EDIT: If the medicines are due (some insurance companies make you wait until the very day)... I think I would give them (insurance company) a call to inform them of this situation. Sometimes they have leverage on the pharmacist ...


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