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blue eyes xx
what's the best way to keep sinuses clear?
I have post nasal drip and allergies which in the last year or so have been in winter too (rhinitis) have been given nasonex spray but the problem side of my nose blocks up more since using it although I have only been using it since thursday. any suggestions? p.s I don't get pain ..but I have swelling on one side...allergies are my problem. :)

Well you should try different types of Teas, they would be effective in the long run. I take Chinese herbs for cold problems, I am not 100% sure if it would be very effective in keeping your sinus away. I am adding the url too you may contact the expert by asking them the question by clicking the "Ask your question" link on the top part of the webpage. http://www.vitabits.co.uk/cold-and-flu

Photo Baz
Hi Heidi, I suffered with sinuses for years it can be very painful as you probably know, I was under the Doctor / Hospital and had various sinuses operations, but then for some reason as I got older the symptoms disappeared. But I wouldn't take notice of peoples replies consult your own Doctor he or she is the best person with the best advice and the best treatment. All the best.

a teaspoon of vic vapour rub in a bowl of boiling hot water stir in head over the bowl with a towel covering it then inhale thru ur nose a few times, sorted!!!!!!!!!!!

old know all
Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and get plenty of outdoor exercise. The sprays only treat the symptoms - you need to attack the cause. Once you've got blocked sinuses, it's worth getting a saline rinse for your nose. This is a good one http://www.salveo.co.uk/health/neilmed/sinurinse.asp They sell it in larger branches of Boots and Unichem. Use that first, wait ten minutes, then use the Nasonex.

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