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 Regular coughing a few months after quitting weed?
I used to smoke weed, possibly 2 times a month for about 6 months, but I decided to quit. This was almost 6 months ago, and for the past few days, I noticed I have been coughing a lot. Nothing ...

 I just sneezed, and then found a little blood in my spit. Should I be worried?

 how long does the common cold last?
i have a cold and i was just wondering how long do colds usually ...

 what are the affects of steroids?

 exercise induced asthma medical alert bracelet?
im 13 and i have very severe exercise induced asthma. If i dont take my inhaler before and after a bit of running/swimming/biking i can't breath at all. Even if im late for class so i ...

 Help, smoking. Asap.?
I am 18, so It's legal for me to smoke. But I want to smoke inside my house, because where I live at it's always really cold and windy. So, I would prefer not to go outside. My parents don&#...

 Had two seizures need help?
Two weeks ago i was under the influence of marijuana and had a 30 second seizure randomly when i got a brain freeze, all my friends with me said i shot straight out and my eyes rolled to the back of ...

What is a good general veg and non-veg diet routine to follow for daily care of Senior Citizen COPD diagnosed patient. What can be taken daily without restrictions and what food stuff is to be ...

 Scared septum will fall out?
Sorry I've been spamming with all these septum piercing questions. I've been trying to get the other ball on my septum on for 3 hours and I'm giving up for tonight. Its Almost 4 in the ...

 sleep issue it feels like i'm suffocating and all i can do is lay there?
Sometime when I wake up I cant move or talk
then usually i Just fall right back to sleep but lately
ive been waking up not being able to move or talk but also breath
its very scary it ...

 need help in curing chest congestion?
so, i have got chest congestion. how shall i cure it?? i have heard that drinking very hot water, can loosen the mucus, is it really effective?? i am taking antihistamines. how does pepper, onion and ...

 im having trouble breathing and my chest hurts bad what does it mean?
IM 13 im havin trouble breathing i feel like im forcing myself to breath and i usally have to take realy deep breaths which make my chest hurt...this been happeing for like 2 weeks now and its ...

 Buying hookah please help?
Me and a friend are going in in it together but I want ro know how tall how many hoses a d how much I should spend please help thank you!!...

 I keep coughing and it's not a cold!?
For like a week and a half now, i cough non stop. And there is also mucus in my throat.
I don't sneeze or have a runny nose at all. I jut cough enough for my throat to hurt....

 Question about asthmatic toddler?
I'm currently in hospital with my son who is 2, who has been diagnosed with asthma. It's currently 3am and a nurse has just been in to say that she will have to give him a nebulizer at 4am. ...

 I get a mucus producing cough after I laugh? Like a reallyy bad cough with A LOT of mucus? Im 14?
I dont smoke. What could I have? I try to restrain myself from laughing because Ill get this horrible mucus producing cough and like mucus in my chest that I can feel if I breathe in, as if i were ...

 Spitting up blood & passing out?
I've been spitting up blood & keep passing out & breathing heavy. What are those symptoms & can they be cured? Could I have anything in soecific like a lung disease?...

 I've had a headache for 2 weeks along with shortness of breath, light sensitivity, dizziness and always tired.?
My headache is constant, from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. I am 15 should I be worried?...

 how can i get an asthma plan without my doctor giving me one?
i feel that i have asthma, but my lung doctor says that it is sereve reflux. i get shortness of breathe and and breathing fast when i exercise. and i also cough real bad when exposed to cold ...

 what does the doctor prescribe if cough syrup doesnt help?
the doctor prescribed me a 5 day supply of codiene cough syrup but it didnt help very well and im out now. he said to come back to him if i still have a cough but i dont know what he would do. i have ...

sore throat, coughing & itchy roof of mouth?
I've had a sore throat for two days now, and been coughing for 3. A few hours ago, the roof of my mouth, near my tonsils, started getting itchy and feels irritated.
I don't know what could be causing this, as i have no other symptoms except for this.

I've been smoking for a about 2-3 years now, could that possibly suddenly have caused this?
what other things could it be? i'll be visiting a doctor tomorrow if it doesn't improve, but i just want to know if anyone knows what the cause of this could be.
Thanks in advance

it may be allergy or infection . consult your doctor.

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