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 When i exhale, i feel/smell smoke inside my body?
For the past few days, every time i exhale, I smell and feel smoke and a burning sensation inside my breathing passageway. I DON'T KNOW NOR ANYBODY IN MY FAMILY SMOKES.
Is it a medical ...

 Question about quitting smoking (for ex smokers)?
I have asthma, and have smoked for several years now. Lately I have been out of breath with out much exertion. I want to quit smoking, but I want to know how long it takes for me to "feel" ...

 I have a few questions about asbestos exposure...?
So I'm going to a boarding school and the building I'll be living in has asbestos in it according to the students and staff...Luckily I'll only have to live in it for a year until they ...

 is there a hospital position in diagnostics?
I am 16 years old, I want to be a doctor, I was wondering if there is such thing as a position in diagnostics, where your only job is to tell what is wrong with people, Run test and cure them, but ...

 What are the harmful effects of glue sniffing?

 How can I crack my chest?
Hy lately it's been hurting to take a breath, and my upper chest kinda in my rib cage area.. Feals like it needs to be cracked really bad.. I know the feeling when it needs to be cracked cuz I ...

 What is the disease Tachycardia?
If you have it, or just know of it what is it. And, what are the symptoms? Do i sound like i have it.
Somethimes my heart beats fast. And i'm all the time sweaty. I have always had problems ...

 i am 67 yrs old& recently had respiratory infection, my blood pressure is 99/57. is that yoo low?
I am taking antibiotics, nexium, & ...

 How many cough drops can you take a day?

 what if i never smoked, could i still have lung problems?
My chest hurts at times and I get out of breath sometimes. Could I have a lung problem even if I dint smoked....

 I am having intense pain in my lungs. Can anyone tell me why?
Suddenly at random points in the day, my heart will beat incredibly hard and my lungs will hurt really bad.

It will become hard to breathe and I wont be able to do anything. Any time I ...

 shortness of breathe at 19?
i just went up and down my stairs and i got so out of breathe i almost went to the er my arms were tingling my stomach felt like it was going to cramp on me and i was breathing really hard i do have ...

 I have had 2 ct scans and 2 x rays over the coarse of 2 months is this too much?

 What's the best way to stop smoking?
is it better to try to completely stop, or stop gradually by smoking fewer times a day until you stop?...

 how can i stop smoking weed?

 Uncontrollable yawning and fatigue? 14 years old.?
For a couple days now I've been yawning uncontrollably, everywhere I go. Sometimes once every 20 minutes, and once every 2 minutes. I've also been having trouble falling asleep at night, ...

 I'm having a hard time breathing?
Sometimes, I'm able to breathe normally, but sometimes I have a hard time breathing. Like, when I'm trying to sleep, or I'm just sitting down. It lasts for about 10 to maybe 15 minutes....

 Can Espirde be given to an 83yr old lady that has hypertension and a history of bronchitis. She is taking 50mg?

 help with wheezing? plez help !?
i have had a cough and a mild wheez for the last week now its not really bad but it gets worse at night breathin normaly it dosent happen but deep breaths its loud and makes me cough i have seen a ...

 Could breathing frequently while talking be a symptom of an underlying condition?
My roommate has a nearly pathological distrust of all things medical, so she won't take my advice and get this checked out. We've known each other for a very long time and lived together ...

side effects of herbal incense. brain damage or not?
what are all possible known side effents and in particular brain damage possibilities

alizain d
well the main side effect is getting high but if you smoke too much or if ur making it at home n spray too much JWH-018 on it then it could be anywhere from headach to seizure. buy well know herbal incenses like serenity now or kush or EZ Diamond Ultra n you wont have any bad side effects because the makers r experts.

The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that burning incense indoors is extremely hazardous to human health. While often marketed as a method for promoting a sense of peace and purifying the air, incense simply masks odors by emitting large quantities of particulate matter. And because these particulates have a mere diameter of no more than two and a half microns (a micron equals one millionth of a meter), they are easily able to avoid filtration and make their way deep into the lungs.

Upon absorption into the respiratory system, particulate matter may cause a variety of adverse health effects, such as headaches, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. These symptoms, when triggered by pollutants such as incense smoke, will become less severe and often disappear when the source of pollution is removed. However, with continued exposure, studies have shown that inhaling the smoke of incense can lead to serious illnesses, including asthma, dermatitis, and cancers.

Zack Fair
I had a friend of mine hit like .1 grams of jwh 18 one time...that's alot by the way...everything was blurry for like, 40 minutes. verrrry high. Elevated heart rate. Ended up passing out and waking up in the morning fine. I would imagine it could cause anxiety attacks in some people who aren't used to the affects of marijuana.

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