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 blood from my throat?
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nose bleed during sleep?
i woke up and felt my face was wet,and had to spit out blood(mouth full of blood), when i turn the light on, i was covered in blood, my blanket,mattress,pillow,chest,neck etc.
and my nose bleed continued for about 5 minutes since i woke up
is it bad to have nose bleeds when sleeping,and for it to continue for that long?

I get nose bleeds a lot, even at night. It can happen more if your getting over a cold or flu.

before you see a doctor try drinking more water lots of it sometimes i get nosebleeds when im realy de hydrated

Raymond T
you're feeling dizzy most probably because you lost a lot of blood.

nose bleeding is not good at all. Do you have injuries on your nose before? If not, then most probably is because of excessive body heat. Drink more water, eat more fruits will help.
Stop any alcohol and cigarettes if you are taking it.

If you lose alot of blood go to the docter.
If you feel light headed i think you should go hospital.

When I was little had superficial vessels in my nose and will easily bleed. After cauterization my nose most of the part stopped. Probably you go get checked by a ENT doctor. Just a week ago I had a bloody nose while I was sleeping and two weeks ago I had a bloody nose in school. One time when I was little in the middle of the night I had one and it lasted about 45 minutes. Its all right as long as it doesn't happen every night.

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