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For as long as I can remember, there will be certain times when I cannot get a deep breath of air. It has always gone away on its own but this past month it keeps getting worse. I finally went to ...

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 what is mean by patches in lungs?

 Could it be asthma or should they be looking for some thing else?
My father has had trouble breathing on and off for months, he has a cough which causes him to sometimes bring up blood in the morning, he has trouble sleeping as his breathing is alot worse at night ...

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I cough a lot, have a lot of phlegm in my throat sometimes greenish yellowish, get chills, get hot flashes, I feel tired, I can't eat anything, my nose is runny, my body's sore. I have a ...

 Emily, I was diagnosed just yesterday with this. I was given no treatment option or prognoses.?

 What could this be? Coughing & hurts in chest, heaviness in chest, tired...?
The past week or two I've had the following symptoms:

* Feeling tired ALL of the time, no matter how much sleep I get
* Heaviness in chest
* Coughing and it hurts in my ...

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I'm a fifteen year old girl, almost sixteen. I have serious nasal issues; I can hardly ever breathe. My nose is always stuffy and dripping. Gross, I know. My nose cracks when I push it to the ...

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 Simple definition of Bronchitis?
A good definition not just like, "a sore throat". It has to be good enough to write in an article for health (she says put it in your own words and dont plagerize) I hate eighth grade ...

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 what better blow dry or air dry?
what better blow dry or air ...

 sick ? what is this?????
my stomach hurts my throat hurts im always cold and my back hurts what is this ?...

 ive had pneumonia over xmas had xray done it came back clear but im still caught and shortness of breath ?
i ve finished my 2nd course of antibiocis and still have wheezing and breatless ness how long more will this last for i also have pains in my chest on and off i ve also lost a good bit of ...

 Want to buy steroids online?
I want to buy some roids online but some websites look like scams anyone any websites that are legit?...

sharon j
is citrus fruit good or bad for asthma?
We were discussing this in my house about 15 minutes ago and we can't agree weather its good or bad for asthma.

My friend drinks grapefruit juice everyday cause she says its good for her asthma.
And my boyfriends grandma says its bad for asthma.
And my mother says it can make thrush.
And I don't know.

So what do you know about it?


the vitamin C in citrus fruit is good for asthmatic as it boost the immune system and prevents infection that make asthma worsoe

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