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 Asthma and Weed.?
I have asthma. It usually isn't that bad. I smoked weed once about 2 days ago. My asthma has been horrible since then. I can barely breathe. Will it get better or is it stuck like this now? I�...

 While eating, a piece of food got stuck in my throat (near the tube to my lungs)...it is there still...help!
While eating, a small piece of lettuce got stuck in my throat, near the enttrance to my lungs. I did not have the cough reflex, but it feels like it is still there. Is it possible that it is still ...

 can i get in trouble if i tell the doctor i smoke?
I smoke ciggaretes, andi have to go to the doctors tomorrow, its a military doctors, and i wanted to know if i would get in trouble or they would rat me out help!...

 sore throat???????????????????
so my throat is sore ..it hurts alot..but after i sleep and wake up in the morning the pain is horrible how can i prevent that?:(((((((...

 i just had a TB test done, and im confused???? open please.?
i think it was called a TB test because they injected a needle and i have ot go get it checked out in a few days. i needed the test for starting highschool. can someone explain to me what exactly it ...

 I'm having a bad asthma attack, help?
I don't have an inhauler, and i'm having a realy bad asthma attack. I find it extremely hard to breathe, every breathe is really loud with weazing and my chest hurts. Is there anything ...

 How much longer will my cold last?
I've had a cold since wednsday. The second day was the worst and then it slowly got better. Yesterday morning i just had a coughing attack and one runny nose and then they were gone all day. I ...

 question about smoking cigarettes!?
ok so im 15 and ive smoked maybe 5 cigarettes. am i going to have the same affect as others smokers do. like damaged lungs, or damaged gums... cuz i play serious baseball and im quitting. and i also ...

 Is smoking paper as harmful as smoking tobacco?

 Can I take mucinex dm and benadryl together?
I'm taking the Mucinex DM for cough, but I'm also sneezing....

 coughing up brown bits?
ive had this cough for a while and im on antibiotics and a puffer and everything but i recently started coughing up brown bits but this started after i was on the meds are they not working? should ...

 Can a sinus infection be infiltrated with yeast? Please help me.?
If so, how can I treat it? I have been thru four rounds of antibiotics, for a sinus infection I have had since Jan 14th of this year. I am desperate for help, as doctors don't seem to be able ot ...

 Tightness of chest..?
So I have a tooth infection and my doctor prescribed PENICILLN VK 500MG for me. I had to take 4 bills in one day 7 days. Now, after I'm done with taking it, I can feel some kind of weird T...

 Help!!! I'm having a sleepover party and I snore how do I prevent myself from snoring exept using medicine.?

 i have had trouble ebing able to sleep for the past year now?
i usually get up to 4 hours a night sometimes don't get any at all. the doctors wont give me pills as im 18 they say its unhealthy and over the counter ones don't work unless i take triple ...

 My Chihuahua is suddenly acting very ill. His symptoms, loss of muscular control and twitching?
My Chihuahua is suddenly acting very ill. He is 5 years old. His symptoms are loss of muscular control. Twitching in the head and eye area and an inability to stand up. This comes on suddenly, and ...

 blood is forced into the _____ each time the ____ contracts?

 How long does it take for side effects of antibiotics to occur?
The medicine is ciprofloxacin hcl 250 mg for a bladder ...

 What type of medicine is good for a dry cough and a runny nose?

 I can't take a deep breathe and I have horrible chest pains when I try. What is wrong with me?
I've been sick for about a week now, but it's starting to get worse. I went to the family doctor and she said that she doesn't think its anything serious. My coughing keeps me up at ...

if you have copd and your lungs only working 30% does this mean you have lung cancer?

That figure of 30% is simply the percent of the capacity you have against someone of your age and height and weight with normal lungs. 30% is bad but doesn't have anything to with cancer, otherwise the doctor would have told you. God bless.

As I understood my doctor to say it is not exactly cancer.it is the closing up of air ways like asthma.this prevents you from getting oxygen as properly needed.as you get older this is very crucial.

casie masie
no you don't a way you can tell if you have lung cancer is when your bleeding from your throat or when you cough all the time

No you do not you have limited lung function due to damage

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