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 I hear people are coughing so much. Why?
Lately I've been hearing about other people that have been coughing like crazy and its happening to me now. It keeps getting worse and same with the other people. They get nothing no fever, no ...

 is there anyone to help with meds that my grown daughter cant afford?
My daughter needs remicade for her severe phsorisis, she has no insurance and only makes min wage. Does any know something that might help?...

 Can you get anything that will stop mucus production altogether?

 Quitting Smoking, experience?
So I'm trying to quit. It's been 5 successful days, but the problem is, I'm dealing with a lot of depression and stress, and it's not that I want a cigarette, it's just I ...

 Throat mucous/orangey bloody flem?
This is a bit graphic but ive been quite ill this week with an almost swine flu problem, after a few days I have definatley perked up, I still have a constant sicky feeling, blocked and runny nose ...

 what exactly is reflux and what are the symptoms?

 Now a days i am feeling breathlessness like when I take deep breath I am not able to?
and there is heaviness in chest and as well from yesterday in my right ear some sort of dumbness was there but just for a while and a mild headache too is it bxs of cold or something else?I am 50...

 I have taken 3 different type antibiotic in 1 month can this hurt me.?

 does mucus build up cause the following ?
Do certain foods make mucus worse ?
Does mucus cause chest tightness and breathing ...

 My right lung hurts, im really worried now..?
So my lungs hurt from time to time when i smoke often (im not a smoker, but i smoke on rare occasions and when i do it causes my chest to feel different). Well last night i was smoking marijuana (...

 My son is suffering in wheezing cough disease when he was 2 years old?
My son is suffering in wheezing cough disease when he was 2 years old and since then he is suffering in this disease and now he is 12 years old. we had bad time and still he is suffering in this ...

 Why do I still have smokers cough when I stopped smoking?

 what happens if u dont sleep enough?
2 days ago i slept good and then next day i felt good happy and stuff but then last night i went to sleep at 5 in the morning got up at 9 i only slept 4 hours i felt happy abit but then when i smile ...

 anyone have any tips for Laryngitis?
I've got laryngitis for the first time..

I've had tonsillitis lots of times before and it's never hurt this much.

It wakes me up in the night and swallowing ...

 I get this weird shaking inside my chest?
Sometimes I can feel the inside of my chest shaking. It doesn't hurt or anything it just feels really weird. When it gets really bad it makes my whole body shake. I have also been having really ...

 My father is suffering from COPD disease.How is stem cell therapy effective for treatment of COPD?

 Could my partner have sleep apnoea?
My partner snores heavily, but when sleeping on his back, after a succession of normal breaths he sometimes seems to go for ages without taking a breath. When he does eventually inhale again it is ...

 Help on panic attacks!!!!!!!!!!!?
I don't know how to control them on coming. Now I am learning on how to control them during the attack. One thing that triggers them is school. One subject. I hate it. I don't know. The ...

 I live with an aunt who is suffering from tuberculosis....?
She is currently on medication but refuses to get treatment by being hospitalized. She is my father's sister therefore my father supports her and let her reside in our home. My brother and ...

 How does eczema lead to asthma?
Can someone explain it to me? Like, how eczema and asthma are linked?...

if i smoke a blunt, how long does it take to get out of my system?

depends on your metabolism. very skinny people can get rid of it very quick. Fatter people probably more than a month.

If your worrying about a blood test don't be. . I smoke cannabis most days and get blood taken when im ill and they never mention it, its probly in my system but there not looking for it so they never say nothing to me

If you don't want a blunt in your system, don't smoke a blunt.

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