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 Why do I keep sneezing?
Today I ran 2 and a half miles at school and after that when we rested I sneezed at aleast 100 times consecutively. My whole field hockey team was like "wtf?" and after a while they started ...

i am taking care of a old patient he had phonemon and about 6 weeks i had this cold and whenever i couft which is every minute my chest hurts a lot i dont know whats going ...

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i have smoked for 3 years and only smoke 3 a day if i continue like this what effect will it ...

 can asthma be spread by sharing room or house with the asthma victim?

 I smoke but why am not as adicted as my friends?
i started smoking 2 years ago and have only smoked 3 a day since whilst all my friends graduly started to smoke ...

 how could i leave smoking?
i smoke daily 20 cigrates , i wana stop smoking , how can i control my mind on ...

 Is it rare to get pneumonia?
I was just wondering because my friend has it but I've never had anyone close to me have pneumonia. :P...

 Breathing problem. Any ideas what it could be?
This past 2 weeks I've been experiencing a shortness of breath, or more like it's difficult to take a deep breath like something is obstructing my airways. It's pretty much constant, ...

I've had this cold for 4 weeks now but it's only bad at night, in the morning and when I do a lot of exercise. For the last 2 weeks, I've been having a lot of trouble taking a deep ...

 Tight chest, labored breathing, and a head ache?
I'm coughing a lot, dry hard cough and some mucus. Its hard to breath and I have a TERRIBLE head ache that pain killers will not stop. Help? What do I have and need to do, I don't want to ...

 Should I go to school with a horrible cold? Any home remedies?
So about a day ago I woke up with an awful cold. My symptoms: I am sneezing non-stop, my nose is really runny, but it is also so stuffed up that I can't breathe out of it. I have a fever of 99.0 ...

 I was diagnoised with MS in 2004 and in 2007 i applied for DLA which i was awarded the mobility component?
when i filled out the form it asked how far could i walk until i felt severe discomfort and i put " all walking of any distance causes me discomfort" which it does. Someone has said ...

 why do i have a sore throat?
A few days ago i was with my puppy and it licked my in the face and got my mouth,is this why my throat hurts.It only hurts when i ...

 Why has cough mixture made my cough worse?
I bought some Sudafed for chesty coughs this morning and I have had 3 doses since I bought it, I went to sleep about 2 hours ago just woke and now my throat hurts so bad I'm in tears when I ...

 soothing a child's tickley cough?
my son has got a really nasty cough it is keeping him awake at night.he is also not eating very well due to his cough.what can help him sooth his cough?...

 Is there a permanent cure/treatment for wheezing/asthma in India?
Hi Friends,

From the age of 9 I have wheezing problem, I have tried a variety of treatments and nothing worked, Recently I tried anti allergic treatment which greatly minimised the disease ...

 Coughing up blood (Read details)?
1) I had a cold
2) Cold is gone, but now post-nasal drip, yellow phlegm, coughing. It's slowly improving
3) Found small traces of blood in phlegm this morning, after waking up. Most ...

 how to control snoring?
during sleep i snore but my mouth is closed. i feel that the rear end of my nasal cavity tries to close in when i go to deep sleep and vibrates. is there any remedy short term / long term? please ...

 Just breathed in a bunch of dust while cleaning the computer?
And I can taste it, couldnt avoid it and has had to clean comp was overheating, bad bad headache now ...

 dry, tickly coughing fits followed sometimes by vomitting? anyone else had this?
I have a cough at the moment (normally fit and well, i'm 29) and I guess it's a dry, tickly cough which isn't irritating me apart from a few times in the day when i'll have these ...

Aclim Abc
how to cure enlarged tonsils?
what are the treat ments

there is not need to remove the enlarged tonsils if there is not emergency at this stage. You must try homeopathic medicine. My experience tells that enlarged tonsils can be treated with homeopathic medicine, so consult some homeopathic doctor at your place or send the quarry along with other symptoms at admin@sharefunda.com. We will try to provide the medicine name at your door step after consulting the homeopathic doctor.

Claudia Dam
For tonsillitis that is caused by a bacterial infection, the conventional medical treatment involves the use of antibiotics. For antibiotics to be effective, it is important to complete the entire treatment to avoid the risk of recurring infection. The normal course of antibiotics is 5 – 10 days. A tonsillectomy (surgical removal of tonsils) may be required in very severe cases of tonsillitis, if your child has more than seven episodes of tonsillitis in one year, if the swollen tonsils affect breathing or swallowing or if an abscess develops, then a tonsillectomy may be recommended.

However, bear in mind that the tonsils serve an important purpose in the body as the first ‘soldiers’ of defense against infection. Removal of the tonsils should be a last resort as this will leave the throat open to further infection. It is now recognized that routine tonsillectomy is not always the best choice for children and is a now seen as a controversial procedure unless used as a very last resort.

There are effective natural remedies that can help to support and maintain throat and tonsil health, boost immune functioning and fight tonsil infection when it occurs. Antibiotics obviously cannot (and should not) be taken all the times you have an infection & therefore, chances of you catching the infections back increase as soon as you stop taking them.
Herbal and homeopathic remedies contain carefully selected ingredients that are gentle on the body’s system, without harsh risks of unwanted side effects or addiction, and of course you may take them for ongoing support for extended time till the time you feel you are comfortable with.

Use Gallium aperine, also known as Cleavers, as an excellent cleansing tonic with a particularly beneficial effect on all the lymph glands, including the tonsils. Salvia officinalis benefits all conditions of the mouth and throat and has well-known herbal astringent, antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

There are a number of homeopathic remedies, such as Belladonna and Merc. sol recommended in the treatment of acute tonsillitis and can help to clear the infection as well as prevent unnecessary tonsillectomies.

You may get additional details over there

Scis sors

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