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 what are good reasons backed up by scientific evidence that can help me get rid of asbestos?

 Bronchitis.. cold.. something more?
Yesterday, I started to have symptoms of a cold (cough, irritated throat). Today, I still had similar symptoms, even coughing up phlegm (one incident with dry blood, early this morning -3/28-); also....

 is smoking hookah illegal for people who are 16 years old?

 my friend just coughed up blood then about 2 minutes later he got a nose bleed. is it serious?
hes not dizzy at all. and hes not on drugs......

 In terms of salt and water secretion, why this results in thick mucus in the respiratory tract?
The genetic defect in cystic fibrosis affects the chloride channels in secretory cells....

 What is "Sinus Disease"?
Doctor called to discuss last weeks' CAT Scan, & mentioned Sinus Disease. Didn't give specifics, so I have to see him next week. Does this require surgery, or does medicine treat it? I&#...

 i work at a wood factory and developed a small swell above my throat and am wondering if it is a wood disease?
wood factory, small lump, no face mask,lots of saw ...

 i have a 19 month old daughter.she has nasal congestion and i give her AYR saline solution.is it ok to give?

 i would appreciate any & all info on emphysema..stages, what to expect, how to deal with it?????
mild to moderate to severe emphysema ..all info appreciated!!...

 My 11yr. old has a pulled neck pain and bad coughing.....?
She went to the dr. for the cough and sinus pain, they diagnosed it as a sinus infection again (this is the second month that she has it, the first time it didn't go away even after antibotic ...

 fun facts about the immune system..?

 What is going on in the body when going through opiate withdrawls?
I understand all the symptoms of the withdrawl but exactly is causing these effects. Lets say for example.. I have a good idea of what is going on with the gastrointestinal symptoms which there is ...

 Is there any new asthma medicine to take while I'm pregnant?
My 1st son will be 3 in May, and while I was pregnant with him, I had to get off my Advair 100/50. That, to me, is the only thing that helps my asthma the best. But I had to get off of it for his ...

 Advair and Albuterol . Blebs . C- pap?
Any one have Blebs in their lungs? I wounder if they were there befor the C-pap and medicen ....

 Is it true that warm humidifier can make room's air good place for bacterias&germs after 3-hour operation?
If yes, is it the same way for cold-mist humidifier as well, or not?...

 Could you suggest me names of well known ENT specialists in Maharashtra? Urgent!!?
Please mention how you know the doctor/s. My neighbour(Age 29) has been advised to get an ear operation done for hearing problem. He has fear that the operation may fail causing severe permanent ...

 from this sim website i have been downloading hacks for my game r these safe for my computer and game?

 Hot Tub Lung?
Has anyone ever had or know someone who has had "hot tub lung" My huband developed serious breathing problems and while he was tested for every thing under the sun (and the docs still don&#...

 Is Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Tea Good Asthma Symptoms?
Is Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Tea Good Asthma Symptoms? well ive been feeling shortness of breath and slight tightness at times the past few days but im not wheezing and my peakflow is ...

 sweat test?
my son is having a sweat test done. from what i have read it is to test for cf. could they be checking for something else?...

how long does it take for carbon monoxide to leave your blood stream after stopping smoking?

The time it take for CO to leave the body after they stop smoking varies from person to person, but on average it takes approximately 3 hours.

expelling carbon monoxide is a normal lung function, the tars and ash are not normal functions

16 hours after you last smoked your body will start clearing itself from carbon monoxide.

Takes at least 30 days to de-tox your system.

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