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 How many of you have had Bronchitis?
How many of you have had Bronchitis?...

 How can I deal with nighttime asthma?
My asthma's been really out of control lately and it seems like I've been having these small scale attacks nearly every single night. I'm on Ventolin and Qvar, but obviously it's ...

 im having trouble swallowing, and it feels when i drink or eat that i just cant swallow it down. it helps if i?
it helps if i tip my head to one side. it makes me a bit panicky as it feels i may choke, and my throat gets really dry. it is really beginning to worry me. i first noticed it in june 2010, but it ...

 Is menstrating for 3 weeks straight dangerous?

 What happens if someone has a hole in their lung?
My fiance is away for college and he woke up not breathing and now hes in the E.R theyre keeping him for 2-3 days and hes gonna have surgery i think. i cant stop crying i NEED to know that hes gonna ...

 Ive had a cough for almost 2 weeks now?
Ive had a cough for almost 2 weeks now, and it seems to be getting worse not better, I am dry coughing there is no mucus or anything. It gets especially worse at night and when I lay down.
How ...

 i smoked meth twice today?
i smoked meth twice this week...um something happen and i tried to be sad and i couldnt i tried crying but no tears came out..its jus not there i cant feel sad or nothing no matter how hard i try .......

 Is whooping cough fatal?
Just wondering....

 I did a breathing treatment and now my heart is pounding. What can I do?

 I cough tiny bits of skin?
It started 5 days ago, as a tiny pain in my throat and now I have a laryngitis and bronchitis.
I went to the doctor, he gave me cough syrup, told me to drink a lot of liquid, sleep with a ...

 Can x-ray machines (in airports) damage nebulizers?
I go through about 6 airports a year (about 3 x-ray machines per airport so about 18 machines in total). I have had asthma for about 5 years but have recently had trouble in airplanes. I now have to ...

 Bloody phlegm (pictures)?
I woke up today with a huge headache, major ear pain, a really sore throat, and a fever for about twenty minutes... I also coughed up some very bloody phlegm, about the size of a quarter. Help?

 side effects of taking 62 Aleve?
62 Aleve taken as a suicidal ...

 not addicted to cigarettes just to smoking?
iv been smoking for about 3 years i get withdraws when im too lazy to buy a pack so i just smoke something else like a cigar and im fine, even non nicotine cigarettes like american spirt will get me ...

 Sleep Problems...HELP!?
For about the past six months I have not been able to get a good nights sleep. I have a horrible time trying to fall asleep. It takes me over an hour and a half just to be able to fall asleep. Once I ...

 HELP my bf keeps coughing up blood!!?
Like alot!! It could probably fill a coke can in like 10 minutes...he wont let me call an ambulance and wont go to the hospital!?

He was in a serious car accident where he ended up in i.c....

 Stop smoking cigarettes?
How did you stop smoking cigarettes?
How long did it take you?
How many times did tou try?
What was your biggest motivator?
Can you share any tips, resources?
Thanks a lot :)...

 How to get my voice back?
Hi everyone! I've had a cold or something for a few days, that started off as a dry cough, etc. Now it's a wetter cough, but I've lost my voice. :( It's been strained for a couple ...

 Im having trouble sleeping?
What can I do to go to sleep?...

 Is it normal to be sick for almost 3 weeks?
Ive had this "cold" or whatever it is for almost 3 weeks now. Ive gone to the doctor and given me medicine but its not working. My symptoms are headache, high temp., ichy cough, lots of ...

Jonny Kino
how long does it take for a chest infection to clear up?
... with antibiotics? started the course last night.

36 to 48 hours, depens on you body maybe even weeks

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