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 tickle in lungs, can't stop coughing?
Hi. I had a cold about 1-2 weeks ago and coughing was one of the symptoms. The cold has gone away yet I've been coughing pretty regularly throughout the days. But tonight I wake up out of my ...

 how much would someone need to smoke to affect their lungs?

 Can smokeing a cig with a sharpie line on it get you high?
ok i herd that if you draw a line with a sharpie on a cig and then smoke it while the sharpie is still wet it can get u high? ne1 no if this is true or false? or tryed it b4...

 I was born ashmatic,my grandmother has asthma.Isn't there any cure for asthma.Am tired of inhalers & tablets
I tend to believe that there is an alternative cure for asthma apart from the inhalers and tablets in the chemists....

 I stoped breathing when i fell asleep?
last night I woke up in the middle of the night and when i tried to go back to sleep I suddenly felt my heart stop beating (I was laying down with my hand on my chest) and I could not breath but i ...

 I've had a cough for a month and a half. What's going on?
I've visited the doctor twice. The first time I was prescribed a series of zithromax and the second time I was prescribed an albuterol inhaler. Neither have helped my cough. What's going ...

 white blood count going up not down?
I went to the dr about 9 days ago for what he said was an upper respitory infection. My white blood count was 11.9 and he gave me a rx for amocicillan. I took them and returned today because my ...

 im getting sick, is there any way i can stop myself from getting sick? quick 10 pts!! ?
my thought hurts really bad and i have a stuffy nose. ive been getting headaches a lot lately from eating too much sugar i know that. (i luv gummy bears.. =) ) and im going to skate galaxy tomorrow (...

 Im worried I might have Pneumonia?
The middle of my back is in horrible discomfort and it hurts to breathe in and out. Everytime I cough I am in a lot of pain.

On top of it all my chest has been having sharp pains all day, ...

 Can anyone else not sleep?
I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to SF but i can't seem to get to sleep. Any tricks?...

 What causes crackling in the Lungs on A 5 years old girl?

 How old do you have to be to commit suicide legally?

 how to help a 6 month old's congestion?
I have a 6 month old baby who is dealing with congestion. he's had RSV diagnosis and has been on a nebulizer to help with breathing before that diagnosis. He's still coughing and he still ...

 What is Hooka (as in Smoking Hooka)?

 I think I have Swine Flu! Please Help!!!?
yesterday after school, I had a stomach ache. During the night I vomited a lot. As the day progressed, I retained the stomach ache. Now I have a headache, sore achey arms, and I feel really ...

 Do I need a inhaler?
When I do sports I get all wheezy, and my chest gets tight and I cough alot. I can never not breath it just make it real hard. I have never had a attack. Just sometimes when I get that way a inhaler ...

 Chest pains - right side?
I have been having chest pains for the last 45 minutes that start from the center of my chest and radiates to the right side. I know with a heart attack it's on the left side, but I don't ...

 Is it normal to cough up blood with asthma?

 Is it Cystic Fibrosis? ?
We just learned our friend's baby girl tested positive shortly after birth. Is there any chance she could have had a false positive test - or is it more likely that she has cystic fibrosis? Does ...

 can you get bronchitis twice?
i had it when i was little, and it seems like every winter it comes back. but not as bad as the first time, i just cough a little but my chest hurts really bad. then one day some one told me that ...

how can i STAY a non-smoker?
I haven't had a cigarette in 3 days because I got sick with a sinus infection that includes nasal congestion, sinus headaches, a cough that is often dry and unproductive, and a fever. What do I do to ensure that I don't start smoking again when I recover from my sickness? I've tried to quit a few times, it's harder than it seems to those of you who have never been addicted... any kind of real help will be appreciated!

well obviously if you went that long with out one then you dont really need one..so just convince yourself of that.....and chew gum lol.....thats all i know lol good luck!

JEN â„¢
get a script of CHANTIx! that will take the PleaSure feeling out of smoking! most insurances cover it...but if not i think it's around 100 usd a month

I quit smoking 3 months ago.. nicotine patches and lots of gum.. joining a support group also helped

Think about a beautiful blonde woman with everything going for her and a wonderful life and three years later she is anorexic looking and stuck sitting in a chair, can't breathe, on oxygen and all her friends have left her. She has emphysema, she is me. Stop now.

Gaurav G
do meditation to get rid of smoking permanently.kriya yog especially

Put pictures around your house and what your lungs will look like if you keep on smoking.

I smoked for seven years and what really helped me was taking supplements. I really liked the B vitamins for stress and valerian root works really good ifyou have a hard time sleeping. On top of this when you get angry, if you do, let yourself freak out, go a head and scream and cry. Change is very hard your body will naturally fight it but your in control. Good luck!

zx14 guy
Try the patches....worked for us.

I didn't have any luck with the patch, but I did with Nicorette gum. Drink a lot of water. Take walks. Shower when the craving is irresistible, if possible. Can't smoke in a shower. :) Avoid"triggers" like coffee, tea, etc. When you feel like you just HAVE TO have a cigarette, tell yourself "I'll wait 10 min. & then I'll one." In 10 min., you probably won't have the urge to smoke. Go to places where smoking is prohibited, such as public libraries. Insist your smoking friends go outside. The person/things I got the most support from were:
my wonderful son
and this site:

People don't realize how awful it is to try to break this addiction. The Center for Disease Control has published this staggering reserach:
The 1990-1992 National Comorbidity Survey estimated that 23.6% of persons aged 15-24 years who ever used cigarettes progressed to the final stage in the smoking behavior continuum (i.e., nicotine dependence). This conversion rate (i.e., from any use to dependence) was similar to conversion rates for use of cocaine (24.5%) and heroin (20.1%) (5).

Good luck! You can do this!! God bless! You're in my prayers.

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