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 I have chest pain around my heart, I also have gas?
could I be having a heart attack, it gets worse when I stress, I also have ...

 I wake up sometimes out of my sleep, gasping for air. I feel Like my airway is blocked and I can't get air.It
feels like i'm choking. I went to my Dr. for my yearly exam and told him it still happens since last visit. He put me on Pulse OX machine and the test showed I have no apnea. He said My blood P...

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I am a woman (not overweight and I do not drink excessively) and I snore really loud. My husband nudges me and I wake up, move and then go back to sleep and back to snoring... He can't get any ...

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when you order meds from a canada pharmacy online are they for real.i ordered phenergan but it is blue i have never seen it in blue so im scared to use it>is it safe? what should i do?i have an rx ...

 what is the best way to clean the lungs?
Mostly after 6 years of smoking a pack a day....

 College Smoking?
Today was my first day in college. I couldn't help but notice all the smokers on campus.

Why do so many college kids smoke cigarettes? Plus, how do you feel about college kids smoking?...

 can a lung collapse kill you?

 Mucus colouring meanings ?
I remember hearing that clear mucus meant something and that green/yellow meant infection or something .
What does clear mucus mean ?
Thanks ....

 What's with my daughter's cough?
My daughter has had this cough forever, since she was little. When she was little, they said that she may have allergies but that it probably would go away when she was older. Well, she is four now ...

I had a run in with swine flu recently and my asthma hasn't helped much either i feel im loosing my muscles and want to start exercising again but feel out of breath and wheezy every time i ...

 my daughter has pneumonia but i dont know how to help ?
i went to the doctor and they said that she has pneumonia and prescribed some amox-clav and i feel that its not strong enough for her she says that her head hurts her shes only six years is there ...

 Will I always think about a cigarette when I quit smoking?
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 is aerosol dangerous??
my friend uses it to get ...

 What is the Mesothelioma?
I read about Mesothelioma from http://123easy.blogspot. But i wonder! What's the Mesothelioma
Help ...

 I havent eaten in 26 hours, and?
havent drank water in 26 hours either.
what will happen? thanks ....

 when do you start to get the effects of smoking?
like smokers lung and whatnot.
[im talking semi-long term not like a quick cough after a drag]...

 I'm having a lot of anxiety from my asthma causing it to get worse, what are some things I can do?
I got a virus a couple days ago and that turned into Bronchitis. I think the Bronchitis is triggering my asthma and I need a good way to get it to go away. Inhaler is not helping. Took a prednisone ...

 i heard that levaquin is dangerous?
i took levaquin for 10 days when i was sick with sinisitis, and then i just saw a law commerical saying to call this number if you took levaquin

does anyone have more information about ...

 Is it Possible to be sick For 5 weeks?
I have been sick off and on for 5 weeks now, and I am tired of it! i have had sinus colds, sinus headaches, and now i have a cough and sore throat. I am not sure how to get ird of this, should i go ...

Siji P
excuse letter for absent in school due to fever and headache?
sample letter for child absent in school due to fever

Good Guy
Remember to include the phone number where mom can be reached if there are any problems or questions that need to be addressed.

Suzi Says
The Truth.
If it is true then I would write a letter to the Teacher.
Dear (Name)
My child (Name) was unable to attend school on (date)
due to the fact that He/She had a fever and a headach,
I felt it best to keep Him/Her home for the day and keep
an eye on Him/Her.
Yours Sincerely
Your Name and Signature
Hope this is of some help. Cheers Suzi

Sally was absent due to a fever.
Please give her the class assignments she needs to make up.
Sally's Mom

Kimberly L
To whom it may concern,
My child, John Doe, was absent from school on February 15, 2009 due to illness. Please excuse him.
Thank you
Jane Doe

Stacey K

My child, (name), was absent yesterday( or when ever) due to a fever. Please give him/her the work he missed.

Thank you,

please excuse my child from school for he is faking it

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